Tips For Easier Electrical Wiring At Home

electrical wiringEven if you have several years of experience in handling electrical wiring, there will always be some tips and tricks that you might not know. Provided below are some important things to help you wire neater, better, and faster.

Uncoil Cables Without Any Kink

Straighten the plastic sheathed cables first before pulling them through the holes to make the process a lot easier. In case you decide to just pull the cable from the coil’s center, it will result to kinking once you pull it through the studs. One good tips is to get a handful of coils at the roll’s center and throw them across the floor just like you are tossing a coiled rope. Walk alongside the length of the cable and make sure to straighten it when doing so. Professional Florence electricians prefer to it this way because it allows them to keep the cable contained in their plastic wrapper for better and easier handling and cleaner storage.

Neatly Pack Electrical Boxes

In case you have done a lot of wiring, you surely have had times when you can barely push the outlet or switch into the box because of the countless wires. The best way to deal with this is to arrange the cables neatly and carefully fold them into the box. Take all the bare ground cables along with a long pigtail and then connect them. Fold them into the rear of the box, and leave the pigtail extended. Follow the same process for the neutral pigtail. Be sure to leave the hot cable extra long and then fold it back and forth at the bottom part of the box. To identify the hot wire, don’t forget to place a wire connector cap. With a box that’s neatly packed, it will be easier for you to identify the cables. Plus, it will leave you a lot of space for switches.

Test Wires Before Touching

Never get complacent as to whether the power is turned off even if you have done a lot of wiring. Don’t forget to use a noncontact voltage detector to inspect every wire inside the box or spot where you are working. Be sure to inspect the tester on a cord or wire you know is live to make certain it is working before you depend on it. You can buy noncontact voltage detectors at hardware stores, home centers, and even in online shops.

Handling GFCI Problems

Most of the of the problems happen when several outlets are safeguarded by only one GFCI. Some of the possible causes include an appliance or light with a ground fault that is connected into a downstream outlet or a faulty GFCI. To know if the problem is with the GFCI itself, or maybe downstream, you have to switch off the power to the GFCI and then disconnect the cords from the load terminals. Press the reset button and then plug in the GFCI tester into the outlet well before you switch the power back on. In case the GFCI trips after this, you need to have it replaced. In case it holds, the problem might be with one of the downstream outlets. If you wish to avoid the time consuming process of trying to fix the problem with the load outlets, the best and easiest solution is to change all of them with a brand new and tamper resistant GFCI.

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Tips For Maintaining Your Electrical Outlet

electrical outletsOne of the primary causes of home fires is defective electrical outlets. Faulty electrical outlets are linked to a minimum of 25,000 electrical fires every year, leading to more than $1 billion worth of property damage. Maintaining your electrical outlets regularly can significantly lower the risk of home electrical fires, reminding you of the old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Routine maintenance on electrical outlets can prevent malfunctions that can result in expensive repairs later on. Provided below are five tips to help you make sure that your electrical outlets are in good condition.

Test Outlets Frequently

It is highly recommended to test all your electrical outlets at home for safety once a month. You can buy affordable outlet testers from any home hardware shops. The testers look a lot like a three prong plug. Every prong has indicator lights. When you plug the tester into every outlet, the lights show any issues with each outlet. Detecting a problem early on significantly decreases the possibilities of a fire or perhaps the development of more complicated electrical issues later on.

Change Old Wiring

Once you discover that your electrical outlet has been damaged or worn out, you need to replace it right away. It is a simple process that you can do on your own. In case you have several electrical outlets or the issue is complicated, a qualified electrician from Florence Electrician Pros can do the work for you.

Use Quality Parts

There are several circumstances where it’s much better to buy a cheap product knockoff. However, this should not include the replacement parts for the home’s electrical outlets. You have to buy parts that are certified by the Underwriters Laboratories or other recognized safety certification institution. These parts undergo extensive testing, which gives you the peace of mind that they are completely safe.

Don’t Repair Your Wiring

In case the issue with your electrical wiring is more complicated than a simple wear, you have to hand over the project to a professional Florence electrician. You must never try to fix your own electrical wiring if you have no experience. Most home electrical fires are due to wiring that’s been wrongly installed or repaired by novices. So, to be safe, consult a professional electrician.

Every Electrical Outlet Requires Regular Upkeep

When doing regular maintenance on your electrical outlets, never forget to include those located outside your house, as well as those in the attic and basement. These are the common places that homeowners tend to forget about, but can cause a lot of damage. Create a list of the electrical outlets in your home and be sure to check them regularly for issues.

Monthly maintenance can help prevent minor and major electrical problems including home electrical fires. Obviously, in case of actual danger, you have to call an expert electrician right away.

If you need help with your electrical outlets or anything related to your electrical system, call Florence Electrician Pros now.

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Know All About Electrical Safety Tips At Home

Florence ElectricianThe most important thing about electrical safety in your home is that you must get a qualified Florence electrician in order to do wiring in your home. This will ensure that there are no major accidents in your home in the future. Also, you must always keep certain electrical safety tips in mind while you are at home.

Electrical Safety Guide

 Blown fuse

In case a fuse blows out, turn off all the appliances that are on that circuit before you change that fuse. The new fuse must have a rating that is similar to the previous one. Always use a flash-light in the dark while doing any electrical work in order to avoid any accidents. Any loose fuse may get heated and lead to a fire. Hence, checking fuses from time to time is a good practice. A fuse should only be replaced by another fuse. Never try to use a coin or any other metallic object in its place. For any outdoor outlets, make use of ground fault circuit interrupters(GFCI).

Electrical plugs

You need to be extra careful with electrical plugs and cords at home. Never try to pull out a plug by pulling on the cord. Take out the plug from its socket using gentle but firm pressure. Make sure that your hands are dry and you must not be in touch with a metal object.

Extension cord caution

If you can, avoid using extension cords at home. Get an electrician to make a permanent electrical point for you. In you have to use an extension cord, make sure that the power cord has the proper rating. Never step on the cord. In order to ensure this, do not place any cord under the carpet or rug. In the same way, do not place it in the doorway or any such place where it may be stepped on. Keep the cord away from heat and water. Any excess coil must be wrapped up well and tied up with plastic strips or Velcro straps. Do not leave it dangling. Always make use of a three-pronged plug only. In case your cord shows any signs of wear or the plug is damaged, replace it immediately. Never use a plug or cord that is damaged in any way.

Unplug appliance when not in use

When your electrical devices are not in use, remove the plug from the socket. In case you have to operate an electrical appliance, make sure that it is switched off as well as unplugged. Always keep these devices away from heat and water. A lawnmower should never be used in case it is raining. Also, make sure that the grass is dry before you start cutting it.


For any repairs or maintenance work, it is best to call a Florence electrician. After all, there are many jobs that only an electrician can do properly.

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Florence Electrical Contractor : Duties and Responsibilities

Florence ElectricianFlorence electrical contractor is one of the many professionals that homeowners in Florence and surrounding areas,  often call on when there are problems at home. Part of their basic responsibilities is to install, repair, maintain, and service all electrical equipment around the house. Because they play a key role in ensuring safety and security at home, it would be helpful for homeowners to take a step in getting to know their electricians, especially if they will be working with them for a long period of time.

Getting To Know Your Florence Electrician

Here are some things that you need to know about your electrical contractor to ensure a smooth and lasting professional relationship.

Every electrician is different

  • Electricians have various educational attainment and skill sets. To become an electrician, one has the option to complete post-secondary education in electrical engineering, take courses related to electrical studies, or finish short-term electrical courses. These varying levels of education will create electricians with different types of skill sets.
  • Those who have completed a full course in electrical engineering have the necessary skills to complete bigger projects. They have sufficient knowledge of the appropriate principles and dynamics involved in the specific project at hand.
  • Those who were not able to finish the degree still have sufficient skills but will have difficulties getting certified. Without proper certification and licenses, they won’t be able to handle some projects and will be required to work under certain restrictions.

An electrician can perform other tasks

  • An electrical contractor may also focus on construction-related tasks such as the installation of electrical wiring aside from household related electrical jobs. Depending on the contract, the electrician may be responsible for getting the necessary materials for the job or he or she will only be required to provide labor services.
  • Part of the primary responsibilities of electricians is to ensure the safety of the project, his or her work area, and of the clients as well. He or she has the right to give out instructions to ensure utmost safety. Additionally, he or she may have to coordinate with other contractors – such as plumbers– to ensure safety and to avoid any accidents.

It is important that you as a homeowner make a move to get to know your electrician better. This is not only to ensure the tasks completed are of utmost efficiency but to ensure the highest level of safety as well.

For all your electrical needs, you can always rely on Florence Electrician Pros today!

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How To Save on Electrical Repairs

Florence Electrician SCSome electrical repairs can be very expensive. When it comes to the safety and efficiency of your home, however, concessions must be made.

Here are some ways to save on electrical repairs:

Hire a reputable electrician

It can be tempting to hire the first electrician that gives you the lowest price, but that choice could end up costing you more money in the end. Find a good, reputable Florence electrician that is properly licensed and has plenty of good referrals. He or she might cost more per hour, but they are likely to do a better job in a shorter period of time and get the job done right the first time.

You can save money on having an electrician come out by bundling jobs together if you have multiple things that need to be done. This prevents multiple trips out to your home, which can cost you more in travel fees from the electrician, and with an hourly rate the work will end up being cheaper.

Be prepared when your Florence electrician arrives by having a list of items that need to be done. Also, clear the area around the electric service panel box as well as any other areas that the electrician will need to work. The less time the electrician has to spend dealing with your unpreparedness, the quicker the job can get done and the cheaper the visit will be.

Make safe do it yourself decisions

Some projects might be able to be done without the help of an electrician, but you will need to be very careful and make sure you understand the project before you begin. After all, a trip to the emergency room would likely cost you more than an hour or two of an electrician’s time.

Simple projects such as changing light fixtures, replacing light switches, or installing fans can usually be done without the help of a professional, but if you are unsure at all it might be best to get some help.

Make upgrades and take preventable measures

To save you money overall on electrical repairs, make necessary upgrades regularly. If you keep up with the electrical maintenance that your home requires, you are less likely to need major repairs down the road. For example, the connections on your electrical panel should be tightened once a year by a qualified electrician. This is because the connections can loosen over time due to the constant heating up and cooling of the connections.

Also, if your Florence home is over 40 years old, it may need to be rewired. Old wires and outlets might not be able to handle the wattage that appliances and electronics need these days, so rewiring could help them work more efficiently. Rewiring is a large and expensive project to take on, but it is a necessary step to keep your home safe and efficient.

Electrical repairs are certainly not the cheapest home improvements, and for most of them, you need to hire a professional. If you plan carefully and think ahead, however, you can save yourself a lot of money on electrical repairs in the long run. By hiring qualified professionals, keeping up with preventative upgrades, and doing small projects yourself, you can save money on electrical repairs.

When you have an electrical problem it is time to call on the professionals at Florence Electrician Pros.

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Do You Really Need A Skilled Florence Electrician?

Florence electricianAt this age when more and more do-it-yourselfers are emerging everywhere, you may be wondering whether or not you really need to hire a skilled Florence electrician. There are lots of tips from professional electrical contractors available in the Internet with just a click of your mouse. There are also lots of video tutorials available to help you properly install electrical wiring and fix other related problems. So why would you really need to hire an expert?

Electricity is one of the most important aspects of any home or office building. If it is not working efficiently, a home or office can be rendered useless as no one will be able to power up appliances and furnaces necessary to complete daily tasks. Present developments require us to become much dependent on electricity. And although there are many alternative sources of electricity that we can use, not all can afford or have the resources to install them.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of hiring a skilled Florence electrician.

  1. No matter how many tips we read and learn and how many tutorials we watch, we still lack the necessary experience and know-how on the proper installation and maintenance of electrical wiring. Most professionals like those from Florence Electrician Pros will tell you to entrust the installation of your electrical wiring to highly skilled electrical contractors only. This has been proven to be extremely dangerous and risky for people with less experience and knowledge in electrical wiring installation.
  2. Another important aspect of our electrical system is the regular and proper maintenance of our wiring. A professional Florence electrician has the necessary tools to properly maintain your wiring. They have been doing their jobs for years now and they have become accustomed to many wiring problems and issues. Having them maintain your wiring will save you time and money since no one can do it as fast and efficient as they can.
  3. Handling electrical wiring and electric systems is extremely dangerous. These can easily blow up when not handled with proper and utmost care. The damages that these can bring about to the home occupants and to the property may be irreparable and expensive. Plus, these damages can easily become out of control when handled by less experienced individual. To avoid all this, all you have to do is simply hire a professional electrician.
  4. If you think it will be easy for you to resolve basic electrical problems, you must think again. Not one problem related to electrical systems can be easy and safe to fix. If you still persist on fixing your electrical problems on your own, you might just end up doubling your costs and wasting your time because you will surely hire a professional after some time. It is less likely that you will do it properly. In fact, you might end up doing more damage than actually resolving issues.

Call Florence Electrician Pros now for more information on Florence electrician.

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Florence Electrician vs. Electrical Wiring Contractor

Florence Electrician Florence electricians repair and install electrical systems. Before you hire an electrician you need to understand the different types of contractors who work with electrical systems. The first thing you must determine is whether you need an electrician or an electrical wiring contractor to do your project.

If you need any of the following jobs done, you can work with an electrician or an electrical wiring contractor:

  • Phone Wiring
  • Thermostat Wiring
  • Ceiling Fan Wiring
  • Hot Tub Wiring
  • Electrical Outlet Wiring
  • Security System Wiring

While you may think you can do these tasks yourself, the best thing to do is avoid problems by hiring someone who knows what to do. The electrician can do the job from A to Z while the contractor may supervise the job. The money you spend will be worth it due to not having to worry if something was done inaccurately that can cause a dangerous electrical fire or worse. Keep in mind that no license is required to wire your own home to get the jobs above completed but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

However, if you are building a new home, then you absolutely need to hire a licensed electrical wiring contractor. Inspections are required by all states and cities after the initial wiring is installed to ensure your safety. What type of license they need depends on the work to be done. There are many different designations such as Electrical Contractor, Residential Electrical Contractor, Class A Master Electrician, and so forth. Each area of the country may have different requirements and laws. A contractor will know more about the ins and outs of all jobs, and who to hire to do the job for you. Essentially the contractor will manage the electricians needed for each job.

Wiring a new home requires very technical skills. Today it includes so much more than it used to what with all the cable wiring, alarm wiring, and networking that goes on in homes as in businesses. Be sure to explain everything you want to your electrical wiring contractor or your electrician to be sure you haven’t left anything out that needs to be wired. Remember you might need wiring for:

  • Computer Networking
  • Smart Televisions
  • Cable
  • Lighting
  • Alarm Systems
  • Water Heaters
  • Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Laundry
  • Kitchen Remodel and More

Go through each room of your house and ask yourself what type of writing is needed so that you don’t forget anything.

Remember that electrical work is very technical and requires that the person doing it be very well educated on and off the job. Most Florence electricians start as apprentices, learning hands-on for about four years before they can get an electricians license. In some states, an electrical wiring contractor might not even have to be an electrician first but they know how to run the show and who to hire.

While an electrical wiring contractor may have different requirements than an electrician the truth is, either an electrician or a certified electrical wiring contractor can be used depending on the jobs you have and their license. But, the electrical wiring contractor will not do the work directly; instead, they will be in charge of the job, appointing others to do the work.

Call us today to inquire about your electrical needs. Call your local Florence electrician.

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Tips When Buying A Surge Protector

surge protectionA lot of homes have more devices than the number of plugs in the wall, and that is why you will most likely discover a surge protector underneath desks or behind the TV. However, always remember that surge protectors are not the same. There are certain types that can put your gadgets at risk. Provided below are some tips from a professional electrician about choosing the best surge protectors for your gadgets, how to prevent accidents, and other dangerous situations when using them.

A Surge Protector Is Different From A Power Strip

First of all, not all power strip is a surge protector, It might sound pretty simple, but it is a basic piece of information you need to know. Even though a power strip simply divides your outlet into different ports, a surge protector will protect your TV, computer, as well as other electronic gadgets you may have at home against noise, interference or power surges on your power line. Power surges might not happen everyday but they are common enough in a way that it can ruin your equipment.

Of course you will pay more for a surge protector compared to a power strip. But it will surely be worth it. In case you are the kind of person who heads over to Amazon and buy the cheapest item you can get then always remember this. Do not assume that just because it is listed in the same category as surge protectors or in handing next to a surge protector at the department store, it is already one.

Find The Most Suitable Surge Protector For Your Needs

When considering Florence surge protection, there are five factors you need to consider.

Correct Number Of Ports – don’t assume that each surge protector always has six or eight ports. There are some varieties that have as many as 12 well spaced ports. Purchasing the right number of ports will ensure that there is no need for you to connect several surge protectors.

Know The Gear You Will Connect To The Surge Protector – You need to think about certain things like what you are planning to plug into the surge protector that you wish to buy. You always have the option to purchase the best one that your budget allows. However, you can save a few bucks by purchasing a surge protector that is suitable for the equipment you plan to use it with. You need a more durable surge protector for your home entertainment system compared to what you need for your lamp or phone charger.

Check The UL Seal – The surge protector that you plan to buy must have the UL seal or certified by the Underwriter’s Laboratories, and at least meet the 1449 standards (needed for the transient voltage surge suppressor. This will ensure that the surge protector you purchase will really protect the device that you plan to plug into it.

Check The Absorption Rating – The absorption rating refers to the amount of energy that it will absorb before it fails. You need at least 6-700 joules or higher, which is always better. Meanwhile, the clamping voltage refers to the voltage that would set off the surge protector – or once the surge protector starts and begins taking up energy. Search for something that is about 400V or less. Less is better here compared to the absorption rating, which needs to be higher.

Check The Warranty – A few surge protectors warranty the equipment or devices that are connected to it for certain amount of damages in case a power surge will get through. You need to know what is and what is not covered. You also need to know how you could file a warranty claim in case the surge protector will fail.

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Advantages of Recessed Lighting According To A Florence Electrician

Recessed Lighting FlorenceWhen asked about a cost-effective electrical upgrade, a Florence electrician will recommend installing recessed lighting. In fact, this is the most common upgrade on lighting fixtures that homeowners opt for whenever they are going through a home renovation.

There are many reasons why many homeowners opt for recessed lighting. They are most particularly popular among homeowners, who have small homes or smaller rooms in their homes. The primary reason for this is probably because of the ability of recessed lighting to make a room feel bigger and more spacious.

Advantages of Recessed Lighting

Many electrical contractors and electricians in Florence will agree that homeowners gain a lot from installing recessed lighting. They do not have to replace all their light fixtures with recessed lighting. Just a couple of additions in a room will help expand the room and create more space.

Here are some of the most common benefits of installing recessed lighting:

  1. Takes up less visual space

When installing recessed lighting, an electrician will place the light can into the ceiling; thereby, taking up less visual space. Nothing is hanging from the ceiling are sticking out of the walls. This is what actually makes a room feel bigger and more spacious. Less clutter on the ceiling and walls allow you and your guests to enjoy the visual appeal of the room and your entire house without any obstructions.

  1. Offers different trims

Whatever type of ceiling you may have, you can still use recessed lighting due to their different trims. You can choose from wall washed trims for flat ceilings and if you have a sloped ceiling, you can use the eyeball trim. These trims allow your recessed lighting to cast the most light throughout the room. Thus, even if you install only a couple of recessed lighting, you will still have a well-lit room. These trims are built with a directional reflector and a light scoop that allows the most light to reflect throughout your room.

It is important that you hire a professional electrician to help you install recessed lighting. Note that they need to be properly spaced from each other and from the walls. The height of your ceiling should also be considered when calculating the amount of space in between each lighting fixture. Aside from this, the lighting should be placed in each tin can to maximize the effect of the directional reflectors so that it will cast overlapping light on your walls. And only a trained and skilled electrical contractor will be able to properly install recessed lighting considering all these installation requirements for you to be able to maximize your use of recessed lighting.

  1. Can be used to highlight a space or area on your wall.

If you have a great wall art or a wall bookcase or perhaps a cabinet with your special collection, you can use recessed lighting to highlight them. Either you want them to be the focus of attention in the room, which is most especially beneficial if you are having guests or friends over for dinner or lunch.

  1. Comes in various colors and sizes

The primary reason why recessed lighting is often used to upgrade a room is probably that they come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. You can mix and match the sizes, colors, and types of the trim, lights, and reflectors to match whatever theme or style you may have in your room and to serve whatever purpose you need from them.

  1. Is a safe option for families with children and pets

Recessed lighting fixtures are installed with a casing that protects it from dust and pet fur; thus, expanding the lifespan of your lighting fixtures. Also, considering that this type of lighting is installed in your ceiling, they are safe from being damaged and accidentally hurting your children and pets.

Make sure you work with a professional electrician when installing recessed lighting fixtures in your home. Call Florence Electrician Pros now and inquire about their services.


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Electrical Sparks, Is There A Reason To Be Alarmed?

Emergency Electrician FlorenceYou’ve most likely seen it lots of times– that little blue spark the moment you plug in a home appliance. This is a typical and safe instance, the majority of the time. However, it is worth taking note of, due to the fact that some electrical sparks can be an early indication of unsafe issues.

What Causes Outlets to Spark?

Your house’s electrical wiring is separated into circuits where some might have several outlets connected to it. Electrical current travels hot and quick in this constant loop, and the outlet is the point where a device can “get on”. The time this occurs, thus there’s constantly a flash when the outlet connections and plug are nearly touching. Once this happens, the electrical current can reach throughout that space, generating a spark.

You may or may not notice it, but this occurs each time you plug something in, and it’s totally safe and typical. However, there are other kinds of stimulating that are cause for alarm.

What Are The Reasons Unsafe Sparks Happen?

There are a couple of reasons that unsafe sparks can happen:

  • With recurring usage with time, the electrical contact points inside your outlets can break. In cases of severe wear, this can lead to considerable electrical arcing.
  • There might be a leakage within your walls, or maybe water has actually sprinkled in through the outlet cover. However, if you have wetness therein, there’s capacity for stimulating brought on by brief circuits and other electrical damage.
  • The more home appliances and gadgets you have plugged into a single outlet, the higher the chances of sparks. Spread your home appliances out properly throughout electrical outlets and circuits.
  • If you see sparks in an outlet that was set up or fixed by somebody who does not have the needed licensing and accreditation, you need to have the work examined by a certified electrical expert.

How To Identify Bad Spark From Good Spark?

There a basically four types of sparks that you should not overlook:

  • A safe spark will reoccur in a flash, however, one that fizzles and sticks around is a potential sign of a safety hazard.
  • If huge sparks are jumping from the holes in the outlet cover, these are not safe.
  • The benign yellow and white sparks you see when plugging in a home appliance are generally noticeably blue.
  • If an odor of smoke or melting plastic occurs after an outlet spark, you might have an instant issue and need to instantly turn off the outlet at the circuit panel.

Whenever you see the signs of unsafe sparks, call Florence Electrician Pros. You can also reach them if you have residential, emergency or commercial electrical concerns.


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