7 Must-Know Tips For Landscape Lighting

electrician-300x187.jpgWhen summer comes, nothing beats the having a great time outdoors. Host a simple dinner with friends or just relax in your garden alone or together with your loved ones. You don’t have to stop all the fun once the sun goes down because your landscape lighting is inefficient or worse, nonexistent. Remember that outdoor lighting is made differently, and the work included in setting it up goes beyond putting some string lights. To create the perfect ambiance, you have to choose the best type of lighting fixture for your backyard. Fortunately, professional electricians shared some tips to help you get started. Here are a few things you need to know when it comes to landscape lighting.

Three Types of Outdoor Lights

It is ideal to include these three types of lighting, which are task, ambient, and accent. Task lighting includes plus deck, security lights, and pathway lights while ambient lighting includes the installation of post lights, hanging lights, as well as wall lights. On the other hand, accent lighting can be achieved with the use of landscape kits as well as spotlights.

Calculate How Much Light You Need

Before you go shopping for the landscape lighting you want to install, you have to know how much lighting you need for your outdoor space. Multiply the area’s square footage that you want to illuminate by 1.5 to obtain a rough estimate of your required total wattage.

Plan In Advance

Check your landscape and get the measurements you need when shopping for fixtures. Get a piece of paper and check the size and position of a fixture so you have something to review before you make a purchase. Don’t forget to choose durable lighting that is made of weather resistant and high-quality materials.

Use LEDs

You should also consider using LEDs instead of incandescent or halogen lights. Apart from being maintenance free, they also use far less energy.

Check Your Home’s Interior

Taking a look from your home’s interior will help you determine which light to pick and how you need to place it in your yard. Think about how gardens, patio spaces, and pathways look from the inside of your house. You can see lighting gardens inside your house, particularly in the living room or dining room. Consider path lighting for your garden area or think about using solar outdoor lighting for simple and quick style update.

Subtle Light For Entertainment

If you have invited guests over for a garden dinner, they surely do not want to eat under a bright spotlight. Subtle and indirect lighting should be placed in dining areas in your outdoor rooms as this can help create a restful mood. If you are unsure, you can always call a professional Florence electrician for assistance.

Never Forget Security

Outdoor lighting does not only offer ambiance but also make your home more secure. All entry points of your house should be well lit. Install a wall lantern on every side of the garage store or maybe mount a single fixture above. For additional security, light up all side of your home that are in the shadows. Place spotlights on your eaves or you can also install wall lanterns at garages, windows, or side doors.

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New Year’s Resolution: A Safer Home Electrical System

Florence-electrician-300x200.jpgNow that a new year is here, a lot of people are preparing their list of resolutions and goals to help them become a better person. Apart from preparing objectives for your personal development and improvement, you should also consider your home’s improvement and development, too, particularly your home’s electrical system.

Whenever your home electrical system is mentioned, what types of improvements come to your mind? Are there electrical components that need to be updated, fixed, or replaced? Listed below are five tips to help you make sure that your home’s electrical system is in good condition for the New Year.

Use Energy Efficient LEDs instead of Regular Light Bulbs

Although they cost a bit more at first, LED Energy Star qualified bulbs wind up paying for themselves in terms of energy savings in about a decade. They utilize 75% less energy compared to incandescent bulbs, plus LEDs can last up to 50 times longer. Additionally, they provide more peace of mind because they produce very little heat, lessening the threat of home electrical fire, and they are far more durable, which means they do not easily shatter over the floor. They are also guaranteed to last for at least three years, which is more than the industry standard you will get to save on energy and maintenance costs. So, switching to LEDs is actually a no-brainer.

Reset Your GFCI or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Outlets

Were you aware that you have to check your GFCI outlets on a monthly basis? Not many homeowners do this, however, a new year is the best time to practice this as well as schedule it together with your other home maintenance tasks that need to be done every month. You will find that GFCI outlets are installed in areas that are prone to moisture like the kitchen and bathroom, which is in line with the National Electrical Code requirements. Just press the reset/test button and be sure that the outlets resent and trip properly. In case they are malfunctioning, you have to call an electrician to fix the problem to prevent electrocution.

Replace Batteries In Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

You have to replace the batteries of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors at least annually. Both detectors should also be inspected and tested monthly to make sure that it is functioning correctly. Keep in mind that smoke detectors have to be replaced with new ones every ten years. Based on the model, older variants of carbon monoxide detectors must be replaced every 3 years while the newer ones every 5 to 6 years.

Install A Whole House Surge Protector

Power surges happen unexpectedly. It can take place during a power company disruption, or during a stormy night. Power surges can destroy electronic devices and may even cause home fires as well. To lessen the effects and damage caused by power surges, you have to install a whole house surge protector. You can also ask a Florence electrician to do this for you.

Call Florence Electrician Pros if you need help in making sure that your home’s electrical system is fully functional and safe. Our team is also ready to help you with all issues related to your electrical system.

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Electrical Outlet Maintenance Tips

Electrical-outlets-300x200.jpgHome fires are commonly caused by defective electrical outlets. About 25,000 electrical fires every year could be attributed to faulty electrical outlets, which cause more than $1 billion in property damages. When it comes to reducing your home’s risks of electrical fires, you need to conduct routine maintenance on electrical outlets. It prevents malfunctions that could lead to expensive repairs later on. Listed below are five tips to help make sure that the often overlooked outlets in your house stay in good working condition.

Test Your Outlets Regularly

Florence Electrician Pros recommend that you have a monthly schedule to test every electrical outlet in your home for safety. You can buy cheap outlet testers at any home hardware store. They have a three prong plug, each equipped with indicator lights. When you plug the tester into every outlet, the lights will show any issues with the outlet in question. Knowing an electrical problem early significantly lowers the chances of a home fire or the development of a costlier and larger electrical issue in the future.

Replace Old Wiring

If you discover worn out and damaged electrical wiring, you have to replace them right away. The process is simple and you can even change the wiring of the outlets on your own if you have the right tools and skills. In case you have a lot of outlets or more complex issues, a qualified electrician can perform the work safely and more effectively for you.

Never Skimp On Parts

There are several instances where it is much better to buy cheaper product knock-off, however, this does not apply to the replacement parts for your electrical outlets. Buy parts that are certified by an established and reputable safety certification institution such as Underwriters Laboratories. The extensive testing that replacement parts go through gives you an assurance that they are safe to use.

Never Fix Your Wiring

In case the problem with your wiring is much more serious than typical wear and tear, it is a must to hand over the project to a professional electrician. You must never try to fix your own wiring in case you don’t have the experience. Most home electrical fires have been attributed to the incorrect installation and repair by amateurs. Therefore, it is much safer and more affordable to consult with a professional Florence electrician.

Maintain All Electrical Outlets In Your Home

When conducting routine maintenance on your electrical outlets, never forget to check all those that are located outdoors, hidden in the attic, or in your basement. These are places that homeowners usually forget about. However, they can still cause a lot of damage. Make a list of your home’s electrical outlets and inspect them regularly for issues.

Monthly maintenance can assist you in preventing major electrical issues later on and maybe most importantly, electrical fires at home. Of course, call a professional electrician in case of actual danger.

Call Florence Electrician Pros if you have any issues with your electrical outlet or your electrical system in general.

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Signs Your Wall Switches Are Defective

Florence-electrician-300x199.jpgA wall switch is used a thousand times during the course of its lifespan. It eventually wears out and become defective and the initial sign of trouble is when it acts in any way that is not normal. For instance, if there is an audible snap, crackle, or popping sound once you flip the lever then it is obvious that your wall switch is defective. You have to replace it yourself or hire an electrician. Other warning signs are more subtle while others are pretty obvious. Listed below are a few indications that you need to know about.

Temperamental Lights

You may have had this experience before. You turn on the light switch and it takes a few seconds before the lights go on. This is a sign that the metal parts inside your wall switches are starting to wear out and its contacts are no longer able to make the connections required to fulfill the electrical path and let the light illuminate. Although not always, there are instances when this problem is accompanied by a loose switch lever, which has lost its snap every time you flip it. Even if this doesn’t happen all the time, you still need to replace the switch.

Sparking Switches

There are times when you will notice a small spark coming from your wall switch whenever you turn it on. It might be due to a load arc that happens when electricity moves between the contacts as whenever they pull away from one another. Once the contacts are far from each other, the spark will stop. Given that, a large spark or one that makes a weird sound could mean a faulty light switch. If the sparking is accompanied with smoke, or if you see scorch marks on the switch toggle or cover plate, then you have to replace your wall switch.

Noisy switches

A defective light switch can make various noises but it can mostly be described by sizzling, clicking, buzzing, or popping. It may be due to a loose wire connection, so be sure to have it checked by an electrician.

Switch Does Not Feel Right

Your fingers are commonly the best detectors of a faulty light switch. If you notice the switch toggle is behaving differently, perhaps it lost its snap or is stiffer than usual – it may be worn out and needs to be replaced before it causes a bigger and more dangerous electrical problem. A switch that feels warmer than it supposed to be is another warning sign. There might be a problem with the electrical circuit or there might be a loose wire contact.

When it comes to dimmer switches, they commonly feel warm to touch because they generate heat, which is dissipated on the face of the switch as well as the electrical box. Do not worry if they are a little warm to the touch. However, if it feels uncomfortably hot, you need to have it replaced or fixed by a Florence electrician.

Call Florence Electrician Pros if you are having problems with your wall switches or any other electrical issues.

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Electrical Safety Tips For The Holidays

electrician-300x200.jpgThe holiday season is here during this time of the year, several people decorate their houses for the holidays. There are some families that begin decorating at Halloween and change their ornaments for each holiday that comes until New Year’s Eve. You have to be safety conscious if you have plans of decorating your home since nobody wants their holidays to turn into an accident. You can do this yourself or hire an electrician who can help you out.

Inspect Everything

Before you use any holiday decoration, be sure that you check it closely. You should be searching for broken or missing bulbs, sockets, or plugs that are damaged or cracked or perhaps wires that are bare or loose, and any other kind of damage. You should also check any extension cords that you can use to connect the holiday decorations. Keep in mind that your holiday ornaments have been stored for the last year, they can become damaged or deteriorate during the time that they were being stored. You have the option to go the DIY route or call a Florence electrician to conduct the electrician for you.

Never Overload Electrical Outlets

Among the most dangerous and biggest mistakes that people make whenever they decorate their houses during the holidays is to overload electrical outlets. Avoid overloading the electrical outlets because this is one of the primary causes of house fires during the holidays. Make sure that you plug only one high wattage appliance into every outlet. It is also highly recommended to use a power strip or extension cord with circuit breakers installed as an extra level of safety.

Incandescent Lights

They are usually used for holiday decorations these days, however, a few people still enjoy the appearance of brighter and larger bulbs. In case you use incandescent lights whenever you are decorating your house for the holiday season, never connect over 3 strings of these lights together. The primary reason behind this is that incandescent bulbs need more wattage compared to modern LED lights, so whenever you connect over three strings of incandescent bulbs in sequence, you might trip a breaker or blow a fuse.

Christmas Tree

In case you have a live Christmas tree, never allow it to dry out. When a Christmas tree is cut, it can quickly dry out, so you have to water your tree daily to make sure that it is as fresh as possible. However, you cannot keep it inside your house for a longer period of time. Christmas trees that have dried out are among the primary causes of house fires during the holidays.


A lot of homeowners love the scent and look of candles that are burning inside their house during the holidays, however, it is a lot safer to utilize battery operated candles whenever possible. Candles that are unattended cause over half of all home fires that happen during the holidays. In case you have to use candles during the holidays, do so carefully. Don’t let them burn without proper supervision and make sure that all the candles you have used are out before you go to bed.

Keep Clearance Around Heat Source

In case you are burning a fireplace, operating a kerosene or electric space heater, or utilizing some other kind of heat source, be sure that all combustible materials are at a minimum of three feet from the source of the heat. A few of these combustibles are curtains, furniture, gifts with wrapping paper, Christmas tree, and all the other things that can catch fire easily. Once again, several holiday fires are due to combustible items that are left too close to the source of heat.

Protect Cords From Potential Damage

Once you set up your holiday decorations, consider where the cords will be when you’re finished. Make sure that electrical as well as extension cords are protected from getting damaged. Be sure that they’re pinched by furniture, be sure that won’t be hit by the vacuum, when used outside don’t leave cords lying across walkways and driveways, and be sure all connections are watertight. Another important thing you need to ensure is that closing windows and doors must not damage the electrical cord and they need to be placed at least three feet from any source of heat.

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Hire An Electrician Or Do Your Own Electrical Work

Doing your own electrical work offers lots of benefits. You get to save money; it’s more flexible compared to hiring an electrician; plus, you get to be your own boss. Despite all these, even the most experienced DIYer reaches a point when they have to call a professional electrician.

Permits and Inspectors are Needed

After painting your living room or perhaps tiling your kitchen backsplash, you take a step back and appreciate the result of your hard work. While you need to keep basic building practices, nobody will drop by your home to check up on what you’ve done. You do not need to get a permit for painting your child’s room. Additionally, there’s no need to have an inspector check your window’s trim work.

But electrical work needs it. If you will perform some electrical work the right way, you need to get a permit and ask an inspector to visit. You can get rid of this additional work and frustration if you hire an electrician. If you let them do it, the permit will most probably get “finalled”. If not, then the electrician from Florence Electrician Pros will do what needs to be done to get things done.

Electrical Work Is Better Than Other Projects But Definitely Not Fun

If you consider other home remodeling jobs like digging up sewer pipes or sanding drywall, electrical work can be considered as “fun”. However, only a few people do their own electrical work because they think it is fun. If you take a look at electrical work and compare it to the other things in your life that do not involve DIY jobs, you will realize that there are other important things you can do. Why not hire an electrician so you can have some real fun or spend time with your family.

Electricians Are More Knowledgeable

You hire Florence electricians and other kinds of professionals because they know how to do things that you don’t. Keep in mind that knowing only a few things regarding the job at hand can put you at greater risk. Have you heard about the saying, little knowledge can be very dangerous? This applies to electrical work, as well.

The issue is made more complicated since home improvement stores these days are filled with electrical parts, kits, and packages claiming that even the most novice DIYer can set them up. The main point here is knowledge and experience. Let’s just say you know the electrical work in theory by 92%. There is still that 8% that can hurt you, damage your home, and even put your life and that of your family at risk.

They are Expensive but You Can Control the Costs

Electricians are real professionals, and every time they are in your house, you can hear the money clock continue to tick away and your bill swiftly rising. By using a smart approach, you will be able to limit your costs. You can do simple things like having your circuits mapped out so the electrical contractor you hire does not have to do it for you.

It Can Be Risky

Death during home renovations comes in various usually unexpected forms. The U.S. Centers For Disease Control said that in the office, falls continue to be the primary cause of unintentional death in the nation. About 43% of the fatal falls in the last 10 years had something to do with using a ladder. Between 1992 and 2002, electrocution ranked sixth in the list of reasons for fatalities in the workplace.

Call Florence Electrician Pros if you are looking for a reliable electrical contractor who can help you with various electrical related jobs.

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What Does An Electrical Engineer Do?

electrical engineerThe introduction of electrical engineering as a new branch of engineering can be traced back to the 19th century. Electrical engineers deal with the technology of electricity. They also work on different components, systems and devices, as well as from small microchips to large power station generators.

Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse, Nikola Tesla, Guglielmo Marconi, and Philo T. Farnsworth are only a few of the most prominent pioneers in electrical engineering. They are responsible for turning the concepts and ideas about electricity into practical systems and devices that we now enjoy in this modern age.

Since its inception, electrical engineering has been divided into different specialized categories like motors, power generation and transmission systems, batteries, as well as control systems. Electrical engineering also includes electronics, which also have different subcategories like telecommunications, radio frequency systems, signal processing, remote sensing, instrumentation, digital circuits, audio, video, as well as optoelectronics.

The Job Of An Electrical Engineer

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the primary job of an electrical engineer is to design, develop, test, and monitor the manufacturing of electrical equipment like radar and navigation systems, electric motors, power generation equipment, and communications systems.

If it is a real world and practical device that creates, conducts, or uses electricity, then it is most likely designed by an electrical engineer. Apart from that, Florence electrical engineers can conduct or compose the requirements for destructive or nondestructive testing of the reliability, performance, and long-term durability of various kinds of components and devices.

Electrical engineers today design electrical systems and devices using fundamental components like coils, conductors, batteries, magnets, resistors, switches, inductors, capacitors, transistors, and diodes. Almost all electronic and electrical devices, from the generators running at an electric power plant to the microprocessors used in your phone, utilize these few fundamental components.

Electrical engineers need critical skills including an in depth understanding of electronic and electrical theory, mathematics and materials. All these lets engineers design circuits to carry out specific functions and adhere to requirements for reliability, safety, as well as energy efficiency, as well as to predict their behavior, ahead of the implementation of a hardware design.

Electrical engineers also rely heavily on computer-aided design systems to make schematics as well as layout circuits. They likewise utilize computers to check how electrical devices and systems work. For instance, computer simulation can aid in modeling a national power grid or perhaps a microprocessor. Given that, electrical engineers must also be proficient in using the computer. CAD systems also allows easy and quick alterations of designs as well as swift prototyping through the use of CNC machines.

When hiring an electrical engineer, be sure to choose the right one. As mentioned earlier, electrical engineering has a lot of specializations. Not all engineers are the same. If you hire a wrong one, your project may take twice as long, cost twice as much, and worse, not work at all. Regardless of who you hire, it is highly recommended to employ a second independent engineer to check the work of your primary designer. This will protect you, lower your risk, and let you save money as well.

Call Florence Electrician Pros if are looking to hire an electrical engineer or a professional electrician.

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Safety Tips When Inspecting The Electrical Panel

electrical panelAny type of repair that involves the electrical system will require switching off the power that goes to the electrical circuit that you will be working on. Where can you do this? At the main electrical panel. The service panel is also called the breaker box but it is officially referred to as a load center. The primary service panel acts like the switchboard for all the electricity that goes into your home. It will receive the incoming power sent from the utility company and spreads it to every circuit that will supply the many different outlets, lights, appliances, and devices that you have at home. Everything except the incoming utility power can be switched off and on at the main service panel.

Inspecting any part of your home’s electrical system can be dangerous. The whole process must be handled with care and performed by professional Florence electricians only. Safety is important and regardless of your experience in dealing with the electrical system, you need to be mindful of the correct safety methods when checking the electrical panels.

Keep in mind that you should never work on electrical wiring unless you have the right training and equipment. Working with electrical components comes with the risk of electrocution, which could result into burns or even death. You can access the circuit breaker and fuses and conduct a visual inspection for signs of trouble on your electrical equipment. But, only a professional electrician from Florence Electrician Pros can remove the electrical panel cover.

Checklist Before Inspection

Establish and escape route – you should know where you will turn or step away from a certain equipment in case of a sudden and unexpected hazard.

Wear electrical safety gear – wearing safety gear are usually needed when dealing with an electrical panel. These include the right eye protection, gloves, clothing, and grounding straps.

Conduct A Preliminary Hazard Assessment – it is recommend to perform a special risk assessment to check for possible electrical explosion, fires or arching, according to the NFPA or National Fire Protection Association.

Dangerous Conditions To Watch Out For

Gaps or missing ground system – the grounding system offers a simple path for electricity to move through the ear, in case an electrical issue like a short circuit happens. Letting electrical current flow in this way assists in a circuit breaker trip, thus preventing fire as well as shock. If there is no ground path, the person working on it will be a higher risk of becoming grounded, or worse electrocuted.

Wet areas – never touch any electrical equipment if you are standing on a wet surface. You should also take note of any condensation in your location.

Rust or corrosion – check the panel for signs of rust. You should also do this on the circuit breakers that might not trip due to an overcurrent that is brought on by internal corrosion. If you notice these on your breakers, you need to replace them right away. The whole panel should be replaced by an electrician if the electrical panel is badly corroded.

Overheating – look for signs of burning or melting inside the electrical panel.

Improper bonding – search for improper wiring, or faulty or damaged equipment.

Stop touching or inspecting the electrical panel if you sense a tingle, charge, or shock.

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Questions You Need To Ask Your Electrician

electricianHomeowners want value for their money when hiring different types of tradesperson and that is why it is very important to ask questions before employing anybody. This holds true when it comes to hiring an electrician.

By asking questions, you will gain crucial knowledge that can mean the difference between a meager value job or a great value job. It offers the confidence you need to be involved in the management of the safety and workings of your home. It also helps you understand the intricacies of the job at hand. When you are hiring an electrician, trust and safety are two important factors. Keep in mind that this is one of the riskiest trades and you should only get the best. By asking questions, you’ll get to know who you are hiring.

Do You Have A License To Do Electrical Work

It might seem like this will be an obvious answer but you still have to ask. You should only hire an electrician who is licensed like those who are from Florence Electrician Pros. Our team follows high standards to guarantee our commitment to providing excellent, safe, and environmentally friendly solutions all the time.

Are You Insured?

Electrical work can be hazardous. Even if precautionary measures are taken, there are instances when things can go wrong. If you hire an electrician who does not have an updated Public Liability Insurance policy, it means you are accepting a huge risk that could negatively affect you personally and financially in case an unfortunate accident happens on your property. The insurance will not just protect the electrician on the job but you, as well.

Can You Provide References?

For all major jobs like new house constructions or major home renovations, you need to ask for references. An electrician who has nothing hide will always be ready to provide you with references. Some of them may even have client testimonials on review sites or their company websites. In case you have not found a Florence electrician yet, you can ask your friends if they can recommend someone.

What Is Your Past Experience?

When it comes to service providers, the longer they have been in service, the better they know the job. Given that, you need to go with an electrician who has at least three years of experience.

Who Is Going To Do The Work?

Do not presume that the person who you are speaking with on the phone is someone who will do the job you need. This is particularly true for large electrical jobs wherein a whole team of electrician will be involved. You have to know as much as you can about every person who is working on your electrical system. This will help you make an informed decision.

Does Your Work Come With A Warranty?

Warranty on the electrical work provides you with that much needed peace of mind in case there is a problem.

Call Florence Electrician Pros if you need the experience and expertise of a professional electrician.

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Tips For Hiring An Emergency Electrician

florence emergency electricianThere’s no doubt emergency situations do not happen all the time but when they do, many people are taken unawares and totally clueless as to how to deal with the problem. However, with a little preparation and knowledge, you can address the emergency that you are facing in a calm and collective way. Furthermore, there’s the fact that emergency electricians are different from typical local electricians. Apart from being available 24/7, emergency electricians are trained to work and fix every single electrical issue across the board. Having said that, provided below are five tips for hiring an emergency electrician.

3 Essential Must-Haves

There are three main factors you need to consider when hiring an emergency electrician. These are bonding, license, and insurance. When you are in the process of searching for an emergency electrician, you have to keep these three factors in mind all the time. Don’t forget to use all reference materials you have including all of the paperwork that you can find to have a good idea regarding the background of the emergency electrician you are thinking of hiring.

Schedule A Meeting With The Emergency Electrician

When you have shortlisted a few potential emergency electricians, schedule a meeting with them. This will help you understand the process and clear the air regarding your requirements and needs. By having a clear and thorough discussion will both of you be able to finalize whether he can handle the job or if you would like to hire him or not.

Clear All Your Doubts

It is only natural for you to have several questions about the nature of the electrician’s work. So do not shy away from asking the prospective electrician all the questions that you have on your mind. Doing this will help you clear everything out and make a decision whether you want to hire him or not. Aspects like quality assurance, deadlines, availability as well as past experiences are a few of the things you need to clear up with him.

Price Quote

Hiring a great Florence emergency electrician is great and good however you need to make sure that his work charge fits your budget. After showing him the kind of work that you need him to do and your specific requirements, you should immediately ask for a quote. In case his quote fits your budget, then it is safe to hire him.

Search For Professional Qualities

Don’t forget to pick an electrician who follows a standard set of rules and principles. This way, you can be sure that he maintains specific work ethics and the task will be carried out in a much smoother way. Lastly, it’s worth noting that except the tiniest snags in your electricity, the majority of electricity related jobs can’t be fixed by DIY methods. A lot of people still seem to have that misconception that other than a few major problems, most electricity issues can be fixed as a DIY task. This is far from the truth. It does not matter how great you think your DIY skills are, it’s nothing compared to the knowledge and experience possessed by a professional emergency electrician.

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