Determining The Best Generator For Home Use

electrician-in-Florence-300x200.jpgRegardless of the cause, power outages are a problem for any household. The lack of electricity can impede the daily tasks of any homeowner. In the cities and suburbs, power outages are not that common. In fact, power outages in these areas only happen when the power from the grid needs to be cut off during a major storm. During which, the only source of power that people could rely on is from generators. However, each household has different electrical needs. It’s best to consult your local electrician in Florence for more information regarding the matter. On the other hand, here are two of the most common generators you can find in the market and their perks:

Before buying a generator, ask an electrician if it’s suited for your needs

Portable generators – if you’re looking for a generator that has a small form factor and is easily carried anywhere, you should consider purchasing a portable generator. However, do bear in mind that there are some specifications that you need to be familiar with. Not all generators are the same. Some have lower capacity while others can power an entire house. For portable generators, however, they only provide power to a number of household appliances in a single usage. They can’t power an entire building due to the limit in capacity. It is best to get in touch with an electrician to know more about the right capacity for your needs.

If you only want to use the generator for a few power tools, lighting, and other electrical devices that do not require high voltage to operate, a portable generator is most suited for you. Most often, you will not need to have a residential electrician come over to set up and operate the generator.

Standby generators – these kinds of generators are the exact opposite of portable generators. They are stationary and provide higher electrical capacity. On the other hand, you will need to have an electrician set up the generator for it to function.

How a standby generator works is through a hardwired connection between the house and the generator itself. This is why an electrician is needed to set it up. Unlike a portable generator, standby generators must be properly wired so it would turn on automatically when the power from the mainline is cut. It then shuts off automatically when the power from the mainline is back.

Another great functionality of a standby generator is the fact that it will operate even if nobody is home. You could basically rest assured that your home will still be powered even when electricity from the grid is down. On the other hand, you cannot simply set up this type of generator on your own. It must be hauled into the location and fixed in place. A registered electrician must also be present during the installation. Professionals like Florence Electrician Pros can handle such tasks and offer reasonable rates as well.

Call Florence Electrician Pros if you have any electrical issues at home.

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Electrical Concerns – Reasons To Call An Electrician

electrician-3-300x200.jpgAny problem in your home deserves a proper solution. In fact, it’s highly recommended to repair certain areas of your home. What we are talking about here is the electrical system inside your home. Now, there are DIYers out there that try to do everything by themselves to avoid the extra costs and to have the fulfillment of being able to take matters into their own hands. However, when it comes to the electrical system in your home or any electrical problem for that matter, it should be dealt with by an electrician.

Here are some reasons why the first thing you should do is call an electrician

Permits might be necessary – while it’s your home and property, you can’t just do any repairs without consulting the local authorities first. When it comes to electrical repairs, you should be more cautious. Some areas in the United States require certain permits before electrical repairs or upgrades can be carried out. That’s one of the reasons why you should have hired an electrician in Florence as the first item on your list.

Electrical work is difficult – so you know how to solder a few wires? That does not automatically qualify you as the right person to deal with the electrical problems you have at home. Do remember that not all electrical repairs involve simple wiring and circuits. Some issues could potentially be fatal. For instance, problems with the mains panel would normally require an electrician to step in. one false move and you could end up badly hurt or worse, killed.

Electricians know better – in general, an electrician would know a whole lot more than you would in terms of anything electric. Electricians go through years of studying and apprenticeship. This simply means that when you are hiring an electrician, you are not just hiring someone who learned how to solder the other week. Instead, you are hiring a professional who knows the trade. Also, electricians are far better at electrical safety than any normal person would. Let’s say you know 90% of the work that needs to be done. Although the odds of you running would below, but that’s still a 10% chance which is relatively high if you’re looking at a safety standpoint.

Electrical work is dangerous – in general, electricity can be harmful to the human body. Let’s say you get shocked from an electrical outlet, there’s a possibility that you could sustain a little injury or major health implications. First of all, the reason that you shouldn’t shy away from hiring an electrician is the fact that electrical work is dangerous. If you’re ready to risk your health or life on an electrical task, there’s literally no one holding you back. However, if you care for your personal safety and the well-being of others, it’s simply better to just call in a professional. In case of electrical concerns that require immediate action, call an emergency electrician.

Hiring professional electricians like Florence Electrician Pros is a convenient option. Although you will still spend some money, however, you will be sure that everything will be done accordingly. This includes everything from maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.

For more information on electrical repairs, installation, and maintenance, call Florence Electrician Pros today!

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Tips For Easier Electrical Wiring At Home

electrical-wiring-300x199.jpgEven if you have several years of experience in handling electrical wiring, there will always be some tips and tricks that you might not know. Provided below are some important things to help you wire neater, better, and faster.

Uncoil Cables Without Any Kink

Straighten the plastic sheathed cables first before pulling them through the holes to make the process a lot easier. In case you decide to just pull the cable from the coil’s center, it will result to kinking once you pull it through the studs. One good tips is to get a handful of coils at the roll’s center and throw them across the floor just like you are tossing a coiled rope. Walk alongside the length of the cable and make sure to straighten it when doing so. Professional Florence electricians prefer to it this way because it allows them to keep the cable contained in their plastic wrapper for better and easier handling and cleaner storage.

Neatly Pack Electrical Boxes

In case you have done a lot of wiring, you surely have had times when you can barely push the outlet or switch into the box because of the countless wires. The best way to deal with this is to arrange the cables neatly and carefully fold them into the box. Take all the bare ground cables along with a long pigtail and then connect them. Fold them into the rear of the box, and leave the pigtail extended. Follow the same process for the neutral pigtail. Be sure to leave the hot cable extra long and then fold it back and forth at the bottom part of the box. To identify the hot wire, don’t forget to place a wire connector cap. With a box that’s neatly packed, it will be easier for you to identify the cables. Plus, it will leave you a lot of space for switches.

Test Wires Before Touching

Never get complacent as to whether the power is turned off even if you have done a lot of wiring. Don’t forget to use a noncontact voltage detector to inspect every wire inside the box or spot where you are working. Be sure to inspect the tester on a cord or wire you know is live to make certain it is working before you depend on it. You can buy noncontact voltage detectors at hardware stores, home centers, and even in online shops.

Handling GFCI Problems

Most of the of the problems happen when several outlets are safeguarded by only one GFCI. Some of the possible causes include an appliance or light with a ground fault that is connected into a downstream outlet or a faulty GFCI. To know if the problem is with the GFCI itself, or maybe downstream, you have to switch off the power to the GFCI and then disconnect the cords from the load terminals. Press the reset button and then plug in the GFCI tester into the outlet well before you switch the power back on. In case the GFCI trips after this, you need to have it replaced. In case it holds, the problem might be with one of the downstream outlets. If you wish to avoid the time consuming process of trying to fix the problem with the load outlets, the best and easiest solution is to change all of them with a brand new and tamper resistant GFCI.

If you need help with your electrical wirings, don’t hesitate to call Florence Electrician Pros.

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Basic Electrical Safety Guide

electrician-2-300x202.jpgWhen it comes to electricity, there’s a certain risk factor included. However, the risk of having electrical problems and safety issues will is drastically lowered with the right methods. Your local electrician would have a lot to say when it comes to electrical safety in general. On the other hand, there are still a lot of people who get into trouble with electricity. Shocks, burns, and other issues that result from electrical mishaps still abound. It’s always good practice to make safety the first priority. This is particularly important in applications that involve the use of electricity as it has a certain level of danger associated with it. Here are some of the basic tips on electrical safety.

Tip – Hire an electrician to repair, upgrade, and maintain your home’s electrical system

Blown fuse

In case a fuse blows out, turn off all the appliances that are on that circuit before you change that fuse. The new fuse must have a rating that is similar to the previous one. Always use a flash-light in the dark while doing any electrical work in order to avoid any accidents. Better yet, hire an electrician to do the work for you. Any loose fuse may get heated and lead to a fire. Hence, checking fuses from time to time is a good practice. A fuse should only be replaced by another fuse. Never try to use a coin or any other metallic object in its place. For any outdoor outlets, make use of GFCI outlets or ground fault circuit interrupters.

Electrical plugs

You need to be extra careful with electrical plugs and cords at home. Never try to pull out a plug by pulling on the cord. Take out the plug from its socket using gentle but firm pressure. Make sure that your hands are dry and you must not be in touch with a metal object.

Extension cord caution

If you can, avoid using extension cords at home. Get an electrician to make a permanent electrical point for you. In you have to use an extension cord, make sure that the power cord has the proper rating. Never step on the cord. In order to ensure this, do not place any cord under the carpet or rug. In the same way, do not place it in the doorway or any such place where it may be stepped on. Keep the cord away from heat and water. Any excess coil must be wrapped up well and tied up with plastic strips or Velcro straps. Do not leave it dangling. Always make use of a three-pronged plug only. In case your cord shows any signs of wear or the plug is damaged, replace it immediately. Never use a plug or cord that is damaged in any way.

Unplug appliance when not in use

When your electrical devices are not in use, remove the plug from the socket. In case you have to operate an electrical appliance, make sure that it is switched off as well as unplugged. Always keep these devices away from heat and water. A lawnmower should never be used in case it is raining. Also, make sure that the grass is dry before you start cutting it.

Hire an electrician

Despite the availability of information online, it’s still not recommended to do your own electrical repairs or upgrades. Always consider hiring a Florence electrician for such tasks. First of all, electricians are licensed to operate. They also have the experience and skill to handle just about any electrical concern you may have. Aside from that, you are ensuring your electrical safety and everyone living in the house when you hire experts such as Florence Electrician Pros.

Call Florence Electrician Pros if you have any electrical issues at home.

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Electrical Safety 101 – Light Switches

electrician-1-300x200.jpgWho doesn’t know what a light switch is? All modern homes have light switches of some sort. Light switches are normally mechanically driven which means they don’t last forever but these things do work for quite a while. So how long do light switches last? Normally, the lifespan of light switches vary depending on the brand and build quality. This basically means there isn’t a single number you can point to when choosing a light switch. You could, however, ask an electrician for better brands. It’s also good to contact an electrical professional when your light switches go bad. Here are some of the signs that tell when it’s time for new light switches to be installed:

Always contact an electrician even for the slightest electrical concerns

  1. Flickering lights – one of the most obvious signs your light switches need replacing is that your lights constantly flicker. It’s not always your light bulbs that are the culprit. Sometimes, the contacts inside the light switch no longer meet or are intermittently closing the circuit. This normally results in flickering lights. It’s not a common occurrence for newer switches, though. In case you run into this kind of problem, contact your local electrician immediately. This kind of problem could damage your lights due to the intermittent connection.
  1. Weird noises in your switches – have you tried to flick the light switch and it has that weird crackling sound? It’s not just the metal or plastic parts that are rubbing together that you hear. Sometimes, the contacts inside the switches are creating sparks that could wear out and fail. When faced with this situation, you should have it repaired by a Florence electrician. To prevent further damage, avoid using the switch and use other light sources if available.
  1. Sparking switches – when you turn the switch on for your recessed lighting and you notice sparks coming out, there’s definitely a problem. You should have it checked out and replaced as soon as possible. Also, avoid using the switch until an electrician comes in. This kind of problem normally results in house fires. Although house fires normally happen under worst-case scenarios, it’s still better to be safe than sorry.

Only hire a licensed electrician

Whether it’s just a small electrical problem you have at home, there’s nothing safer than hiring an electrician to make the repairs. When you hire an electrician, there’s just a little chance that things could go wrong. Most of the time, the repairs would go flawlessly and you can go on with whatever you have planned and that’s it. Experts electricians like Florence Electrician Pros have years of experience in the industry, the equipment, the training, and an upstanding reputation to back it all up. The time you hire an electrician, you are not only making sure the repairs are done, but you are also ensuring the electrical safety of your home. This then translates to a safer place to live in for you and your family.

Call Florence Electrician Pros if you have any electrical problems at your home.

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5 Ways To Lower Your Electricity Bill

electrician-300x200.jpgDoes your electricity bill eat up a huge chunk off your hard-earned cash? Do you somehow want to lower it without costing more money? There are ways on how you could do just that. Lowering your bills doesn’t have to necessarily cost you even more money. Of course, if you want to see some results right away, you could hire an electrician and upgrade to more energy-efficient lighting and appliances. Here are some of the ways you could do to lower your electricity bill:

Tip – LED recessed lights consume less electricity than traditional light bulbs

  1. Upgrade your lighting – one of the ways any household would use up electricity is through lighting. Your light bulbs alone could cost you a small fortune in energy costs in a few years. However, changing your old bulbs to newer, more energy-efficient lighting like LED lights can greatly reduce the energy consumption in your home. Upgrading to LED lights also lessen the chances of failure. When you do experience lighting problems, call an emergency electrician to have it fixed immediately.
  1. Check your thermostat – do you know that when your thermostat is programmed incorrectly it’s like you are just throwing away money? Your HVAC system would work harder than it is supposed to and you would end up wasting energy to cool or heat up your home. Ask your local electrician about the ideal thermostat settings for your home. Do note that the settings would differ depending on your location and climate.
  1. Upgrade your appliances – we all use appliances in our homes but what differs is the kind that we use. Did you know that appliances that are rated energy-efficient carry the Energy Star label? It may be a bit of a stretch for some as buying new appliances is a bit expensive. However, when you take into account the reduction in energy consumption in the long run, you will easily realize that making the switch is all worth it. You could even ask your Florence electrician about such appliances and they could tell you a lot about them.
  1. Upgrade your insulation – how long has it been since you had new insulation installed? It’s not quite often that your home would need new insulation. While it serves just one purpose, proper insulation actually lowers your energy consumption. It’s a chain reaction that happens when there is sufficient insulation in the home.
  1. Consider solar power – solar power has been around for a long time now. However, it’s only recently that it has gone mainstream. Solar panels and battery backs have become available for the masses and the prices have dropped over the years, making it more affordable to purchase. However, switching to solar power would still require a significant amount which is not really ideal for someone who does not want to shoulder the upfront cost. However, when you do the math, going solar would pay for itself in a few years and you would have sustainable energy afterward. Of course, you would also need the services of an electrician to set it all up. Experts like Florence Electrician Pros can handle all your electrical needs for your home.

Call Florence Electrician Pros if you have any electrical problems at your home.

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Circuit Breakers – Reasons Why Electricians Install Them

electrician-1-300x239.jpgHave you ever wondered about the reason why electricians install circuit breakers? If you look at the main electrical panel of your home, you would find a bunch of circuit breakers bundled together. These are installed by electricians for a good reason. First of all, an electrician would need a way to cut off the electricity that’s connected to various parts of the home. Another reason is that it is required by building authorities to be installed in every home.

Circuit breakers are vital for electrical safety

In every home, circuit breakers are present. It’s no coincidence why they are installed in your electrical panel. The role of circuit breakers is quite important. Basically, circuit breakers act as the primary protection against overloads. When a particular outlet uses too much electricity than the wiring is rated for, the circuit breaker then trips and cuts off the electrical connection to that area. This breaks the circuit, hence the term circuit breaker. Before circuit breakers became mainstream in homes worldwide, fuse boxes were used. However, using fuses were not really safe. Fuses may or may not work well in certain conditions. Aside from that, when fuses blow up, you would then need to replace it. That would be problematic if more than one area of the home hade overloaded circuits. That’s the reason why an electrician in Florence would recommend having circuit breakers installed.

Why are circuit breakers convenient?

If you look at the electrical safety of an entire household, circuit breakers make a huge difference. An electrician would need to install up to ten circuit breakers or more for the average household. That simply means there are a lot of electrical connections that need to be protected. This is all done through the electrical panel where the circuit breakers are located.

What happens when there are no circuit breakers installed?

First of all, circuit breakers prevent electrical overloads. For instance, you’re running a TV and some electrical components out of one electrical outlet. When you add more appliances to the same outlet and then overload the circuit, the breaker then jumps into action and trips. The circuit breaker generally helps by preventing an overload. When an overload happens and there are no circuit breakers in place, the wiring that connects from the mains supply to the outlet would get very hot and possibly start electrical fires. There’s a certain limit to how much load an electrical wire could handle. This is also how much the circuit breaker is rated for.

If you are doubtful about the quality of your circuit breakers or simply want to double down on your electrical safety, call an electrician. Hiring a professional electrical contractor like Florence Electrician Pros would ensure the safety you home against electrical problems and fires resulting from overloads. When you live in an older house, you are more likely to experience electrical problems. This means you should have an electrical inspection to do repairs or to let you in on when you are supposed to upgrade.

For more information on electrical repairs, installation, and maintenance, call Florence Electrician Pros today!

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When Should You Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

electrician-300x200.jpgThe electrical panel is a crucial part of the electrical system of your home. Inside the electrical panel, you will find circuits and they bring electricity throughout your house to lights, outlets, as well as appliances. The size and number of circuits will determine the electrical capacity of your home. You should contact an electrician should you encounter any problems with the said components.

Call your local residential electrician for any electrical upgrades

In case you are having electrical issues such as the ones you will learn below, it may be time for your electrical system to get an upgrade. The first step in the process is determining the electrical load in your home. Do you have sufficient amps to meet your electrical requirements? Consider electricity like water flowing through your house, an amp is going to be the rate at which the electricity is flowing. Before, 60 amps were enough to meet the needs of an average household. Nowadays, 100 amp is the standard in an average house, with bigger houses that take up a lot of electricity requiring 150 to 200 amps. Electricians like Florence Electrician Pros know just how much capacity an individual home needs for appliances to operate normally.

Updating the electrical panel will provide your home the ability to process additional power and then distribute it throughout your house more efficiently and effectively. When you are upgrading the electrical panel, you will have a few options to choose from.

  • Upgrade the electrical panel so that there is more power coming from the utility and into your house.
  • Change the circuit breaker and the meter with one that could accommodate more power.
  • Change the components that are damaged or old.
  • Change circuits that may be causing issues to reduce the risks of electrical dangers.
  • Upgrade circuits to meet the current electrical safety standards in your area.

Common Signs Of Electrical Problems

Check for the following indications of a probable electrical problem. In case your house is having any of the problems listed below, you need to call an electrician in Florence right away. He will check your electrical system and determine if it is time for an upgrade.

Electrical shocks – a tingling or mild shocks could mean that the wiring is defective or it may be installed incorrectly. If that is the case, then there is a possibility that there is an electrical leak if you touch the outlet or the switch.

Sparks or Burning Odors – Frequent or large sparks could be indications that the circuit is defective or if the wiring has deteriorated. You need to check if the electrical outlets are warm or discolored. If the cause is a defective wiring or maybe an overloaded circuit, you have to get in touch with an electrician.

Lights Dim When You Turn On Appliances – This is an indication that your electrical system cannot handle your electrical needs. What is probably happening is that the circuit has overloaded and it is funneling electricity from other areas of your house to the appliances when trying to meet the electrical requirements.

Breakers Always Trip – Circuit breakers tend to trip when they are old or overloaded. You might also notice crackling sounds in electrical panels that are very old.

Relying On Extension Cords and Power Strips – relying too much on power strips and extension cords is a sign that you need to upgrade your electrical panel or have it checked by an electrician.

Call Florence Electrician Pros if you have any electrical problems at your home.

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Reasons Why Electricians Install Circuit Breakers Inside Homes

circuit-breaker-300x200.jpgA circuit breaker is one of the essential electrical components inside your home. But what exactly are they and why are electricians always making sure they are properly installed? In general, homes need to have proper wiring and all electrical components should be working as intended. However, all of the electrical components inside the household will still connect to the main electrical line to get electricity. But before you could charge your phone, the electricity needed will go through what’s called a circuit breaker. Here are the reasons why electricians install circuit breakers inside your home:

A residential electrician can install, repair, and upgrade any electrical components inside a home

Basically, a circuit breaker works as a bridge to complete a circuit. Its main role is to protect the home from circuit overloads which happen all of the time. With a circuit breaker in place, the electricity is quickly cut to the areas where the overload is occurring. This function is very important. If there is no circuit breaker present, electrical equipment and wiring could burn, cause damage, or cause a house fire. Do note that your residential electrician installs not just one circuit breaker. If you could see the mains supply box, there are a number of circuit breakers installed.

The circuit breakers also range in capacity. This is due to a load of each down line. This is basically where the circuit breaker kicks in. a particular line that connects to a wall outlet or directly to an appliance is rated for a certain load of electricity. If that load is exceeded, the circuit breaker automatically trips and cuts off power. This ensures that the electrical equipment is kept safe and the house is also protected from any untoward incidents.

How to keep circuits from overloading

Basically, wall outlets have two or three sockets where you could plug your appliances into. This limits the load that is being drawn in by the appliances plugged in. however, in the event where an extension cord is used, the load drastically increases. This makes the wires hot and when the threshold is reached the circuit breaker trips. To avoid overloading from happening, make sure that only the right number of appliances are being run from the same outlet at the same time.

Aside from that, only use appliances that are rated for the same voltage as the outlet. Don’t use appliances that eat up too much electricity. This could cause the breaker to constantly trip and that would be a problem. If you could, it would be best to install voltage regulators to make sure that you are not exceeding the required voltage. You could ask your local Florence residential electrician about this.

When you are having electrical issues at home, you should only hire professional electricians like Florence Electrician Pros. Not only are they reliable, but they can also provide the best service and resolve your electrical issues immediately without any problems.

Call Florence Electrician Pros if you have any electrical problems at your home.

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Home Lighting 101 – Advantages Of Recessed Lighting

recessed-lighting-300x200.jpgWhen asked about a cost-effective electrical upgrade, an electrician will recommend installing recessed lighting. In fact, this is the most common upgrade on lighting fixtures that homeowners opt for whenever they are going through a home renovation.

There are many reasons why many homeowners opt for recessed lighting. They are most particularly popular among homeowners, who have small homes or smaller rooms in their homes. The primary reason for this is probably because of the ability of recessed lighting to make a room feel bigger and more spacious.

Advantages of Recessed Lighting

Many electrical contractors will agree that homeowners gain a lot from installing recessed lighting. They do not have to replace all their light fixtures with recessed lighting. Just a couple of additions in a room will help expand the room and create more space.

Here are some of the most common benefits of installing recessed lighting:

Takes up less visual space – When installing recessed lighting, an electrician will place the light can into the ceiling; thereby, taking up less visual space. Nothing is hanging from the ceiling are sticking out of the walls. This is what actually makes a room feel bigger and more spacious. Less clutter on the ceiling and walls allow you and your guests to enjoy the visual appeal of the room and your entire house without any obstructions.

Offers different trims – Whatever type of ceiling you may have, you can still use recessed lighting due to their different trims. You can choose from wall washed trims for flat ceilings and if you have a sloped ceiling, you can use the eyeball trim. These trims allow your recessed lighting to cast the most light throughout the room. Thus, even if you install only a couple of recessed lighting, you will still have a well-lit room. These trims are built with a directional reflector and a light scoop that allows the most light to reflect throughout your room.

It is important that you hire a professional electrician in Florence to help you install recessed lighting. Note that they need to be properly spaced from each other and from the walls. The height of your ceiling should also be considered when calculating the amount of space in between each lighting fixture. Aside from this, the lighting should be placed in each tin can to maximize the effect of the directional reflectors so that it will cast overlapping light on your walls. And only a trained and skilled electrical contractor will be able to properly install recessed lighting considering all these installation requirements for you to be able to maximize your use of recessed lighting.

It can be used to highlight a space or area on your wall.

If you have a great wall art or a wall bookcase or perhaps a cabinet with your special collection, you can use recessed lighting to highlight them. Either you want them to be the focus of attention in the room, which is most especially beneficial if you are having guests or friends over for dinner or lunch.

Comes in various colors and sizes

The primary reason why recessed lighting is often used to upgrade a room is probably that they come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. You can mix and match the sizes, colors, and types of trim, lights, and reflectors to match whatever theme or style you may have in your room and to serve whatever purpose you need from them. Of course, you would need the assistance of a professional electrician like Florence Electrician Pros for the installation.

Is a safe option for families with children and pets

Recessed lighting fixtures are installed with a casing that protects it from dust and pet fur; thus, expanding the lifespan of your lighting fixtures. Also, considering that this type of lighting is installed in your ceiling, they are safe from being damaged and accidentally hurting your children and pets.

Call Florence Electrician Pros if you have any electrical problems at your home.

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