Florence Electrician vs. Electrical Wiring Contractor

Florence Electrician Florence electricians repair and install electrical systems. Before you hire an electrician you need to understand the different types of contractors who work with electrical systems. The first thing you must determine is whether you need an electrician or an electrical wiring contractor to do your project.

If you need any of the following jobs done, you can work with an electrician or an electrical wiring contractor:

  • Phone Wiring
  • Thermostat Wiring
  • Ceiling Fan Wiring
  • Hot Tub Wiring
  • Electrical Outlet Wiring
  • Security System Wiring

While you may think you can do these tasks yourself, the best thing to do is avoid problems by hiring someone who knows what to do. The electrician can do the job from A to Z while the contractor may supervise the job. The money you spend will be worth it due to not having to worry if something was done inaccurately that can cause a dangerous electrical fire or worse. Keep in mind that no license is required to wire your own home to get the jobs above completed but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

However, if you are building a new home, then you absolutely need to hire a licensed electrical wiring contractor. Inspections are required by all states and cities after the initial wiring is installed to ensure your safety. What type of license they need depends on the work to be done. There are many different designations such as Electrical Contractor, Residential Electrical Contractor, Class A Master Electrician, and so forth. Each area of the country may have different requirements and laws. A contractor will know more about the ins and outs of all jobs, and who to hire to do the job for you. Essentially the contractor will manage the electricians needed for each job.

Wiring a new home requires very technical skills. Today it includes so much more than it used to what with all the cable wiring, alarm wiring, and networking that goes on in homes as in businesses. Be sure to explain everything you want to your electrical wiring contractor or your electrician to be sure you haven’t left anything out that needs to be wired. Remember you might need wiring for:

  • Computer Networking
  • Smart Televisions
  • Cable
  • Lighting
  • Alarm Systems
  • Water Heaters
  • Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Laundry
  • Kitchen Remodel and More

Go through each room of your house and ask yourself what type of writing is needed so that you don’t forget anything.

Remember that electrical work is very technical and requires that the person doing it be very well educated on and off the job. Most Florence electricians start as apprentices, learning hands-on for about four years before they can get an electricians license. In some states, an electrical wiring contractor might not even have to be an electrician first but they know how to run the show and who to hire.

While an electrical wiring contractor may have different requirements than an electrician the truth is, either an electrician or a certified electrical wiring contractor can be used depending on the jobs you have and their license. But, the electrical wiring contractor will not do the work directly; instead, they will be in charge of the job, appointing others to do the work.

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Tips When Buying A Surge Protector

surge protectionA lot of homes have more devices than the number of plugs in the wall, and that is why you will most likely discover a surge protector underneath desks or behind the TV. However, always remember that surge protectors are not the same. There are certain types that can put your gadgets at risk. Provided below are some tips from a professional electrician about choosing the best surge protectors for your gadgets, how to prevent accidents, and other dangerous situations when using them.

A Surge Protector Is Different From A Power Strip

First of all, not all power strip is a surge protector, It might sound pretty simple, but it is a basic piece of information you need to know. Even though a power strip simply divides your outlet into different ports, a surge protector will protect your TV, computer, as well as other electronic gadgets you may have at home against noise, interference or power surges on your power line. Power surges might not happen everyday but they are common enough in a way that it can ruin your equipment.

Of course you will pay more for a surge protector compared to a power strip. But it will surely be worth it. In case you are the kind of person who heads over to Amazon and buy the cheapest item you can get then always remember this. Do not assume that just because it is listed in the same category as surge protectors or in handing next to a surge protector at the department store, it is already one.

Find The Most Suitable Surge Protector For Your Needs

When considering Florence surge protection, there are five factors you need to consider.

Correct Number Of Ports – don’t assume that each surge protector always has six or eight ports. There are some varieties that have as many as 12 well spaced ports. Purchasing the right number of ports will ensure that there is no need for you to connect several surge protectors.

Know The Gear You Will Connect To The Surge Protector – You need to think about certain things like what you are planning to plug into the surge protector that you wish to buy. You always have the option to purchase the best one that your budget allows. However, you can save a few bucks by purchasing a surge protector that is suitable for the equipment you plan to use it with. You need a more durable surge protector for your home entertainment system compared to what you need for your lamp or phone charger.

Check The UL Seal – The surge protector that you plan to buy must have the UL seal or certified by the Underwriter’s Laboratories, and at least meet the 1449 standards (needed for the transient voltage surge suppressor. This will ensure that the surge protector you purchase will really protect the device that you plan to plug into it.

Check The Absorption Rating – The absorption rating refers to the amount of energy that it will absorb before it fails. You need at least 6-700 joules or higher, which is always better. Meanwhile, the clamping voltage refers to the voltage that would set off the surge protector – or once the surge protector starts and begins taking up energy. Search for something that is about 400V or less. Less is better here compared to the absorption rating, which needs to be higher.

Check The Warranty – A few surge protectors warranty the equipment or devices that are connected to it for certain amount of damages in case a power surge will get through. You need to know what is and what is not covered. You also need to know how you could file a warranty claim in case the surge protector will fail.

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Advantages of Recessed Lighting According To A Florence Electrician

Recessed Lighting FlorenceWhen asked about a cost-effective electrical upgrade, a Florence electrician will recommend installing recessed lighting. In fact, this is the most common upgrade on lighting fixtures that homeowners opt for whenever they are going through a home renovation.

There are many reasons why many homeowners opt for recessed lighting. They are most particularly popular among homeowners, who have small homes or smaller rooms in their homes. The primary reason for this is probably because of the ability of recessed lighting to make a room feel bigger and more spacious.

Advantages of Recessed Lighting

Many electrical contractors and electricians in Florence will agree that homeowners gain a lot from installing recessed lighting. They do not have to replace all their light fixtures with recessed lighting. Just a couple of additions in a room will help expand the room and create more space.

Here are some of the most common benefits of installing recessed lighting:

  1. Takes up less visual space

When installing recessed lighting, an electrician will place the light can into the ceiling; thereby, taking up less visual space. Nothing is hanging from the ceiling are sticking out of the walls. This is what actually makes a room feel bigger and more spacious. Less clutter on the ceiling and walls allow you and your guests to enjoy the visual appeal of the room and your entire house without any obstructions.

  1. Offers different trims

Whatever type of ceiling you may have, you can still use recessed lighting due to their different trims. You can choose from wall washed trims for flat ceilings and if you have a sloped ceiling, you can use the eyeball trim. These trims allow your recessed lighting to cast the most light throughout the room. Thus, even if you install only a couple of recessed lighting, you will still have a well-lit room. These trims are built with a directional reflector and a light scoop that allows the most light to reflect throughout your room.

It is important that you hire a professional electrician to help you install recessed lighting. Note that they need to be properly spaced from each other and from the walls. The height of your ceiling should also be considered when calculating the amount of space in between each lighting fixture. Aside from this, the lighting should be placed in each tin can to maximize the effect of the directional reflectors so that it will cast overlapping light on your walls. And only a trained and skilled electrical contractor will be able to properly install recessed lighting considering all these installation requirements for you to be able to maximize your use of recessed lighting.

  1. Can be used to highlight a space or area on your wall.

If you have a great wall art or a wall bookcase or perhaps a cabinet with your special collection, you can use recessed lighting to highlight them. Either you want them to be the focus of attention in the room, which is most especially beneficial if you are having guests or friends over for dinner or lunch.

  1. Comes in various colors and sizes

The primary reason why recessed lighting is often used to upgrade a room is probably that they come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. You can mix and match the sizes, colors, and types of the trim, lights, and reflectors to match whatever theme or style you may have in your room and to serve whatever purpose you need from them.

  1. Is a safe option for families with children and pets

Recessed lighting fixtures are installed with a casing that protects it from dust and pet fur; thus, expanding the lifespan of your lighting fixtures. Also, considering that this type of lighting is installed in your ceiling, they are safe from being damaged and accidentally hurting your children and pets.

Make sure you work with a professional electrician when installing recessed lighting fixtures in your home. Call Florence Electrician Pros now and inquire about their services.


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Electrical Sparks, Is There A Reason To Be Alarmed?

Emergency Electrician FlorenceYou’ve most likely seen it lots of times– that little blue spark the moment you plug in a home appliance. This is a typical and safe instance, the majority of the time. However, it is worth taking note of, due to the fact that some electrical sparks can be an early indication of unsafe issues.

What Causes Outlets to Spark?

Your house’s electrical wiring is separated into circuits where some might have several outlets connected to it. Electrical current travels hot and quick in this constant loop, and the outlet is the point where a device can “get on”. The time this occurs, thus there’s constantly a flash when the outlet connections and plug are nearly touching. Once this happens, the electrical current can reach throughout that space, generating a spark.

You may or may not notice it, but this occurs each time you plug something in, and it’s totally safe and typical. However, there are other kinds of stimulating that are cause for alarm.

What Are The Reasons Unsafe Sparks Happen?

There are a couple of reasons that unsafe sparks can happen:

  • With recurring usage with time, the electrical contact points inside your outlets can break. In cases of severe wear, this can lead to considerable electrical arcing.
  • There might be a leakage within your walls, or maybe water has actually sprinkled in through the outlet cover. However, if you have wetness therein, there’s capacity for stimulating brought on by brief circuits and other electrical damage.
  • The more home appliances and gadgets you have plugged into a single outlet, the higher the chances of sparks. Spread your home appliances out properly throughout electrical outlets and circuits.
  • If you see sparks in an outlet that was set up or fixed by somebody who does not have the needed licensing and accreditation, you need to have the work examined by a certified electrical expert.

How To Identify Bad Spark From Good Spark?

There a basically four types of sparks that you should not overlook:

  • A safe spark will reoccur in a flash, however, one that fizzles and sticks around is a potential sign of a safety hazard.
  • If huge sparks are jumping from the holes in the outlet cover, these are not safe.
  • The benign yellow and white sparks you see when plugging in a home appliance are generally noticeably blue.
  • If an odor of smoke or melting plastic occurs after an outlet spark, you might have an instant issue and need to instantly turn off the outlet at the circuit panel.

Whenever you see the signs of unsafe sparks, call Florence Electrician Pros. You can also reach them if you have residential, emergency or commercial electrical concerns.


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Why You Should Have Your Electrical Contractor Install GFCI

Electrician FlorenceA professional electrician would recommend that you install a GFCI if you still don’t have one. Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is a useful device that keeps you, your family, and your house safe from getting an unexpected electrical shock.

Benefits of installing GFCI

Below is a list of the many benefits that you could gain from having your electrical contractor to install a GFCI in your home.

  • To increase protection to homes built 25 years ago. These homes don’t have the proper and appropriate protection in place to prevent and avoid electrical fire, electrical shock, and other accidents caused by electrical surges.
  • To prevent and avoid deaths from electrical shock. According to reports, more than 60% of deaths caused by electrical shock could have been prevented if GFCI’s were installed in the home.
  • To ensure your gadgets and appliances will not be damaged should an electrical shock occur. Keep in mind that electrical shocks do not only affect individuals who are unfortunately near the plug or outlet. It could also affect and cause damage to gadgets and appliances that are plugged into the outlet.
  • To increase the efficiency of power distribution from your circuit breaker. If you experience unusual power surges, the GFCI will automatically block the circuit wire to stop the power surge from reaching your outlets.

Ideal places to install GFCI

There are lots of places in the house where you can have your electrical contractor install GFCI’s. Here are some of the most ideal places:

  1. Outdoor outlets and fixtures
  2. Swimming pools
  3. Saunas and hot tubs
  4. Kitchen
  5. Basement
  6. Bathrooms
  7. Garage

The key is to place the GFCI’s in areas where you have electricity wires that are in close proximity to a water source or moisture. Also, if you have experienced electrical shock before, be sure to have a GFCI install in the area where you had the shock.

It also helps if you seek professional advice from your electrician on the other electrical shock hazards inside your home. Obviously, you will want to install more than one GFCI to ensure maximum protection for your family, home, and electrical gadgets and appliances.

After installing

After having GFCI’s installed throughout your house, don’t just forget about them. You need to regularly test them to ensure they are still efficiently working. Schedule a day in one month when you would go around the house and test your GFCI outlets.

Here’s an easy step-by-step to test your GFCI outlets.

  1. Plug a lamp into the GFCI outlet and switch it on.
  2. Press the test button on the outlet. The Reset button will pop out. The lamp’s light should turn off.
  3. Press the Reset button to restore electricity flow to the outlet. The lamp should light again after pressing the Reset button.

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Florence Professional Electricians Solve Top Wiring Problems

Florence ElectricianMany Florence homeowners call their local electrician for assistance in solving various types of wiring problems. The best thing about having a trained and licensed local professional in solving your electric problems is that you can be sure that they will provide you with high-quality results as well as include warranties in their services. Plus, you know they will always arrive at your doorstep whenever you need them.

In this article, local electricians share how they solve common wiring problems experienced by many homeowners in Florence.

  1. Overcrowded electric panel

This happens when your electric panel contains more circuits than it can handle. Keep in mind that each electric panel has a specific number of circuits that it can safely and effectively handle. Replacing single pole breakers in your electric panels with tandem breakers may allow you to maximize your electric panels. On the other hand, overdoing it may put you and your family’s safety at risk.

An overcrowded electric panel may not be able to effectively control and manage the flow of electricity in the circuits throughout your home. As a result, you will notice that your electricity often trips whenever using more than one major appliance at the same time. What is worse is that this may end up causing an electrical fire, especially if not resolved immediately.

To keep this from happening, a Florence electrician suggests adding a subpanel to provide you with additional slots for adding breakers for your supplementary circuits. You can also consider replacing your electrical panel with a larger one. This is highly applicable if you are doing a major home renovation.

  1. The use of too many extension cords and power strips

Some homes that were built 30 years or more ago have not undergone sufficient electrical upgrades. Thus, these homes may still have outdated wiring and very few outlets or plugs. Considering the heavy reliance of the average household on electricity as evidenced by the increase in ownership and use of various gadgets and electric appliances and machines, a home with a limited number of outlets is no longer sufficient.

To compensate, homeowners turn to the use of extension cords and power strips. Although these are meant to be used temporarily, experts say they can be used at home to provide the household with additional plugs and outlets for all their electric-powered appliances and gadgets. On the other hand, professionals strongly recommend choosing heavy duty and high-quality extension cords. Those that have 14-gauge or thicker wire. These types of extension cords have been proven to last longer and function safely than undersized extension cords.

If you see that you have been using more than a couple of extension cords, it would be best for you to have an electrician install additional outlets to your home. This is indeed a safer route than relying on extension cords and power strips which may cause an electric fire if used too long or used with power-hungry appliances and gadgets.

  1. Worn out plugs and outlets

If you use your outlets very frequently and repeatedly throughout the day, its contacts may become loose and it will no longer be able to firmly grip the prongs of your plugs. Thus, your plugs often fall off the outlet after a couple of minutes of inserting them. This is highly dangerous as this can cause arcing and electric fire especially if the outlet is installed in or near dry wood and dust.

To resolve this, have your Florence electrician may replace worn out outlets as soon as possible. Although you can opt to replace your outlets on your own and without professional assistance, it is safer to have a professional do it for you. Aside from ensuring a high-quality job, you are also entitled to warranties on their services.

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Florence Electrician Tips To Save Money on Electrical Repair

Florence Electrician SCSome electrical repair projects could be really expensive. When it concerns the safety and performance of your home, concessions should be made. Right here are some professional electrician tips to minimize electrical repair costs:

Hire A Credible Professional Florence Electrician

It can be enticing to hire the first electrician that provides you the cheapest estimate, however, that choice can end up costing you even more cash in the future. Find an excellent, reputable electrician in Florence that is appropriately accredited and has a lot of great recommendations. They might cost even more each hour, but they are most likely to do a better work in less time and also do the job right the first time.

You can save money on having an electrical contractor bundle jobs together if you have multiple projects that should be done. This protects against multiple trips out, which can cost you a lot more in travel fees from the electrical contractor. This also saves you a lot on the hourly rate, which can be more affordable.

Be prepared when your electrician arrives by having a checklist of tasks that need to be done. Also, clear the area around the electric circuit box in addition to other areas where the electrician will have to work. The less time the electrical contractor has to spend clearing things out, the quicker the task can be done and a lot more affordable.

Make Safe Do It Yourself Choices

Some jobs may be done without the help of an electrical contractor, yet you should be very cautious as well as ensure you understand the job before you start. After all, a journey to the emergency room would likely cost you more than an hour or two of an electrical contractor’s time.

Easy jobs such as changing the light fixture, changing light switches, or installing ceiling fans can normally be done without the assistance of an expert, but if you are unsure in any way it could be best to get some help.

Electrical Repairs Myrtle BeachMake Upgrades and preventive maintenance

To save money overall on electrical repair works, make necessary upgrades regularly. If you keep up with the electrical maintenance that your residence needs, you are less likely to need significant repair work in the future. For example, the connections on your electric panel should be tightened up yearly by a qualified electrical expert. This is because the connections could release gradually due to the constant home heating up as well as cooling of the connections.

Additionally, if your home is over 40 years of age, it should be rewired. Old wires, as well as outlets, may not have the ability to deal with the power level that devices and electronics require these days, so rewiring can aid them to function more effectively. Re-shaping is a huge as well as expensive task to take on, yet it is a required action to keep your house secure as well as reliable.

Electrical repair services are definitely not the most inexpensive home improvements, and also for the majority of them you need to employ a specialist. If you plan thoroughly as well as ahead of time, however, you could save a lot of cash on electric repair services over time. By hiring certified specialists, staying on top of preventative upgrades, and doing small jobs yourself, you can conserve money on electrical repair services.

When an electrical need arises, it is time to call on the electricians of Florence Electrician Pros for a complete estimate of your electrical project.


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Emergency Electrician Tips To Avoid Electrical Fire At Home

Emergency Electrician FlorenceOne of the scary reasons why you might need the assistance of an emergency electrician in Florence is because of an electrical fire. Fortunately, this electrical emergency can be easily prevented and avoided. Below are some tips that every homeowner should follow.

Avoid Electrical Fire at Home

  • Know the first signs of an electrical fire

One of the effective ways to combat electrical fire is to be one step ahead of it. Thus, it is important that homeowners know how to detect the first warning signs of an electrical fire. These include hot outlets, burnt smell near plugs and frayed wiring. If you notice any of these signs, it is critical that you call a trained and licensed emergency electrician from Florence Electrician Pros at once.

  • Upgrade your electric system

This is especially true for houses that are more than 50 years old. Keep in mind that today’s homeowners are more reliant on electricity, with the increased dependence on various gadgets and machines. Thus, a home that was built more than 50 years ago is no longer capable of supplying the electric needs of today’s homeowners.

An electric system upgrade will make the house more suitable for the present lifestyle of the members of the household. Aside from adding more electric circuits and outlets throughout the house, an upgrade will also include replacing old and worn out wires. Failure to do an upgrade may put you and your family’s safety at risk, particularly if you continue relying on extension cords and using old wires. Keep in mind that extension cords and old wires are the top causes of the electric fire. This is why it is important that you improve these electric failures and make the electric system in the house up to date. Do not forget to call in your local electrician for professional assistance in upgrading your electric system.

  • Install the necessary safety devices.

These safety devices are the ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) and arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI). Both work to shut down the electric flow in a circuit should they detect a change in the said circuit. Ground fault circuit interrupters are particularly more beneficial in preventing electric shock while arc fault circuit interrupters work to prevent circuit and wire overheating, which could quickly lead to an electric fire.

Have your emergency electrician install these throughout your home where necessary. GFCI’s should be installed in the kitchen and bathrooms while the AFCI can be installed in all living areas inside the house, particularly those rooms where most members of the household stay.

  • Be careful in buying electrical products

Electrical products such as extension cords, power strips, and circuit breakers are now available in various types of markets aside from home depots and your local hardware stores. Considering this, you should be very careful in buying electrical products. Some of these, particularly those that are offered at lower prices, have a substandard quality that can put you and your family’s safety at risk. Do not buy from sellers that are not legit no matter how affordable the product may be. You should only buy from legit sources to ensure that you are buying high quality and safe products.

For more information on preventing electrical fire, call Florence Electrician Pros now and speak with their emergency electrician.


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Florence Electrician Shares Vital Safety Tips

Electrician FlorenceAccording to your local electrician, ensuring safety is critical not only when doing electrical repairs and working with electrical outlets, it is also important to ensure safety whenever using your electrical appliances. Keep in mind that your electrical system is one of the most dangerous parts of your home. It can be deadly especially if you do not have prior experience working with electrical repairs and improvements.

If you lack the necessary skills and tools needed to complete even minor electrical repairs, do not hesitate to call in a professional. You can turn to Florence Electrician Pros for professional assistance in electrical repairs and improvements.

Should you opt to do your own repairs, here are some basic electrical safety tips to keep in mind.

  • Always switch off your breaker before starting with the repair

Should you fail to do so, you will risk getting an electric shock. The severity of the shock depends on the electricity that traveled to you from the outlet or wire that you are attempting to repair. Electrical shocks can be deadly and can sometimes cause an electrical fire. In addition to injuring yourself and putting your house and family at risk, you also risk damaging your electrical appliances. To avoid all this from happening, all you have to do is ensure you have switched off the main power in your breaker and circuit box before starting with any type of repair.

  • Wear safety gear for your protection

Similar to any other type of repair that you do at home, you also need to wear safety gear when doing electrical repairs. Basically, you want to wear gloves to protect your hands from hot or burning wires and outlets. You should also wear goggles to protect your eyes from sparks and flying debris.

  • Do the regular inspection of your electrical wires and outlets

Spend time each week to inspect your electrical wires, outlets, and breakers and look for signs of damage or wear and tear. As soon as you notice any sign, call your local electrician in Florence and have him verify your observations. You can then ask for advice and recommendations on how to fix the problems or you can also consider hiring their professional services.

These regular inspections will help you identify potential problems early preventing them from developing into more severe electrical problems that require costly and timely repairs. Aside from this, you should also consider keeping an eye out for signs of a potential problem in your electrical outlets and wires. The signs that you should look for include frayed wires, old and worn out outlets, loose connections, and spark and smoke coming out of an outlet when you plugged in an appliance.

  • Replace faulty outlets at once

As soon as you see signs of problems in your electrical outlets, you will need to replace them at once. If you have the tools that you need, switch off your main power source and remove the faulty outlet. Replace it with a new one and switch your breaker back on. Test the outlet to see whether or not it is working efficiently. Make sure you put it back tightly and secured all the necessary connections. And do not forget to wear protective gear.

If you cannot get around to replacing the outlet at once, make a note to inform everyone in the household to refrain from using the outlet. If possible, cut the power connected to the outlet so no one can use it and end up injuring their selves.

  • Call your Florenceelectricianfor major repairs

It is always best to call in a professional for all the major electrical repairs in the house. These include repairs in the breaker or circuit box, replacing blown fuses, major installations, and electrical upgrades and improvements. Be sure you hire a licensed and trained electrician to ensure highly efficient and high-quality service.

Florence Electrician Pros provides all types of electrical repairs. Call them now and speak with their electrical engineer.


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Florence Emergency Electrician on Faulty Electrical Outlet

Florence Emergency ElectricianA lot of homeowners have called their Florence emergency electrician to come to their homes to check on a faulty electrical outlet. When an outlet stops functioning properly, it can be frustrating for many homeowners, especially if it was working fine a while ago or if the other outlets in the same area are functioning. What they do not know is that this may signify a bigger electrical problem. It is actually a good thing that they called their electrician at once.

There are different causes of a faulty electrical outlet. According to a Florence emergency electrician, it could be any one of the following.

  1. Tripped GFCI outlet

A ground fault circuit interrupter outlet or GFCI is a special outlet that automatically shuts off the flow of electricity when it detects a sudden change in the flow of electricity in the circuit. These outlets are required to be placed in areas near the sink or a water source such as bathrooms, kitchen, and yard.

When a GFCI outlet pops or when it has detected a change in the flow of electricity, it will shut off the power off causing all the other outlets in the same circuit to stop working. This is a safety feature that prevents you from electric shock. When an outlet in your bathroom or kitchen stops working, try resetting your GFCI outlet.

  1. A circuit breaker that tripped

When a single circuit breaker trips, it will cause the outlet that is connected to it to stop working. If an outlet stops working and it is not near any GFCI outlets, check your circuit breaker and look for any breakers that have shut off. This would be any breaker with the knob flipped to the other side or somewhere in the middle.

If unsure what to look for, it is best to call in your emergency electrician. Florence Electrician Pros will help you determine the cause of and resolve your faulty electrical outlet.

  1. Old outlets

Another common reason why electrical outlets will stop functioning is when the outlet is already several years old. Like all your other appliances, outlets that are more than 10 years old are more prone to malfunctioning, especially if they are being used several times in a day.

If this is the cause of your faulty outlet, all you have to do is replace the outlet with a new one. Although this can be done by any homeowner, it is still highly recommended for homeowners to hire professionals to replace their outlets. While you are at it, you might want to consider replacing your old outlets with GFCI ones as a safety precaution.

If your outlet is still not working after checking your GFCI outlets and circuit breaker and it is relatively new, you may be facing a larger electrical problem and might need professional assistance.

Call Florence Electrician Pros now and speak with their emergency electrician.

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