Reasons Why Not To DIY Electrical Repair

electrical-wiring-1-300x217.jpgMost homeowners would want to do everything on their own to reduce the costs of renovating or repairing anything inside the house. However, as much as your everyday homeowner wants things to be that way, some things aren’t fit for DIY. Your home’s electrical system, for instance, shouldn’t be tinkered with at all. Unless you’re just fixing a broken light bulb, you really shouldn’t DIY anything major in your home’s electrical wiring. Why? There are a number of reasons why it is not recommended to DIY a lot of things that deal with electricity. One thing that normally stands out is safety. Electrical safety is the number one reason why people should leave electrical problems to the experts.

Why it is important to have your electrical contractor do the fixing

Like in other home repair agendas, safety is the top priority. If you have no relative experience in dealing with electrical circuitry, home appliances, or electrical wiring in general, you should not attempt to make any repairs. Another thing to keep in mind is that doing electrical repair means diagnosing the problem and understanding the scope of the issue. Any makeshift repairs will only be good for so long and will not guarantee any long-term fix.

A permit may be required for any alterations to your home’s wiring

Another thing to keep in mind is the required permits. The law that governs the issuance of permits varies per state. This is why an electrical contractor in Florence is needed for any major repairs made to a home’s electrical system. When DIY electrical repairs go wrong, you may not have sufficient grounds for claims when you go to your insurance provider. Always make sure that any major electrical concerns are handled by experts to ensure that any required permits are procured beforehand.

However, not all electrical concerns require permits or professionals. Of course, there are smaller, non-critical issues that you could resolve on your own. Fixing light bulbs or repairing faulty wall outlets can easily be done with simple tools and a little research. Of course, you will still need to make some precautions despite the size of the issue.

What you need to do to ensure electrical safety

  1. Always shut the power off before making any repairs. Whether it’s replacing a light bulb or making repairs to your wall sockets, you must always remember to turn off the power at the circuit breaker. Never forget this first step. It can mean life or death since you will be dealing with electricity.
  1. Never work in a damp or wet area. Water will only make things worse when you’re working with electricity. In case you will be working in an environment where the presence of water is inevitable, always wear gloves and safety gear to provide as much insulation possible.
  1. Always consider asking for assistance. If you think you can’t do it, there’s no shame in calling for help. Experts like Florence Electrician Pros are always on the line when you call. Always remember that electrical contractors know a lot more than you when it comes to anything electric. Having them fix your electrical problems is the safest and fastest way to get things resolved.

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9 Common Household Electrical Issues

electrical-wiring-300x242.jpgYou may encounter a number of electrical issues at home. It’s good to know which ones are harmless and which ones require immediate attention. Issues like faulty electrical wiring may not be that common, however, this falls under the hazardous category since it is a rather serious concern. Being able to determine which problem is most urgent would help, especially since hazardous electrical issues typically require the attention of a professional electrician. Take the electrical wiring in your home. It’s not something that you can easily fix by yourself since there are regulations that require repairs on these parts of your electrical system to be done by professionals. Here are some electrical issues that you may encounter:

Common problems with your electrical system and appliances

Loose outlet plug – this is one of the most common issues that you would normally see. Sometimes, the sockets themselves become loose and the cover plate protrudes from the wall which may expose the wirings beneath. However, this issue is rather harmless if contained immediately. To fix this, you need to first turn off the breaker, then remove the cover plate of the wall outlet. The next thing you need to do is to secure the screws that hold the socket in place. Once it is firmly attached to the wall, return the cover plate and make sure it sits flush.

Broken light switch – normally, the terminals of the light switch wear out due to normal usage. When this happens, purchase a new switch and replace the old one.

Short circuits – your appliances normally encounter short circuits than your home’s wiring. Do not be alarmed if you encounter a short circuit with your appliances. Discontinue usage and have it checked out by an electrician.

Broken extension cords – some brands of electrical cords come with thick insulation jackets. Some even come with more than one sheath of insulation. When there is a cut that exposes the copper wire at the center of the cord, this means the cord must be repaired to ensure that no copper wire is exposed.

Flickering lights – this is a common problem but it can become a fire hazard when left unattended. Flickering lights commonly indicate an underlying issue. Have your electrical contractor check it out as well as other aspects of your electrical system that may have something to do with this issue.

Frequent bulb burnout – when your light bulb is fairly new but still burns out before the expected lifespan, there is something wrong with your wiring. Be sure to have it checked out by professionals like Florence Electrician Pros immediately.

Dead outlets – there can be numerous reasons why your outlet is dead. Do not attempt to DIY repairs for these types of concerns as it could have underlying causes that led to such an electrical failure.

Warm outlets – your wall outlets should never be warm even when under full load. If it does, have a professional repair it immediately. These types of electrical concerns in Florence are not to be taken lightly.

Breaker trip frequently – when your breaker often trips, this indicates a frequent overload in the system. If you don’t have any idea as to what causes the overload, consult with your electrician immediately.

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A Quick Guide On Troubleshooting Electrical Problems At Home

electrical-contractor-300x200.jpgDon’t you just hate it when one of your electrical appliances breaks down on you? Or perhaps when a light goes out or constantly flickers? These may be minor electrical concerns but they can add to your stress and will be annoying. It’s even more troublesome when the problem comes from your home’s electrical system. In events where the cause or scope of the electrical problem isn’t quite clear, call in your electrical contractor and have it looked at immediately. So how do you go about fixing electrical problems? One of the things you could do is call an electrician but you could also perform a number of things as well.

What you can do to resolve electrical problems

There are a number of common electrical issues that you will likely encounter in your home. If your house is fairly new, you shouldn’t worry too much as the chances of your home having an electrical issue is rather slim. However, for older homes, electrical problems could come from time to time. Faulty wall outlets are among the problems that you could easily find. Here are some of the common electrical issues you may come across and tips on how to deal with them.

Constantly tripping breakers – your breakers are designed to trip whenever there’s an irregularity in the electrical system. A sudden draw of electricity that’s larger than the rated amperage of the breaker would cause it to trip. Overloaded circuits normally cause this problem. In such cases, you should lighten the load, using lesser appliances from a single outlet. On the other hand, if there isn’t enough load but your breaker still keeps on tripping, you should call an electrical contractor in Florence to find out what’s going on.

Light bulb burns out fast– it’s normal for light bulbs to burn out. However, they are not designed to burn out in just a few weeks’ time. If you constantly replace your light bulbs every now and then, you should try considering different brands. Try to check if you have the correct wattage for your fixture. If it happens that you do have the correct wattage but the light bulbs still burn out too fast, you should have your wiring checked. The issue could be there. However, you will need to have an electrician over for these kinds of electrical repairs.

Unusual odors – when everything in your electrical system is working fine, you should not smell anything at all. However, if you do smell something that’s out of the ordinary when you start using some electrical devices or appliances, it’s a clear indicator that something is wrong. Never ignore these signs. It could lead to more dangerous situations if left unchecked. Your wiring may have been damaged or your appliance could have some issues. In worst cases, funny smells when you plug something in could lead to house fires. Never take the risk of ignoring these signs. Always call in professional electrical contractors like Florence Electrician Pros to have the issue checked and resolved immediately.

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6 Electricity Conservation Tips To Save Money

electrical-system-2-300x200.jpgWith today’s rising electricity costs, it’s only fitting to find effective ways to conserve energy. Everything that attaches to your electrical system will eat up a certain amount of electricity every time you use them. Everything from your light bulbs, your fridge, your HVAC unit, and other household appliances use up electricity. But how can you conserve electricity? If you’re a concerned homeowner, you’ll likely look for a bunch of ways on how to reduce the energy consumption in your home without making compromises. As it turns out, you can. There are ways on how to lower your energy consumption at home without compromising comfort. Here are some ways on how you could lower your energy usage at home:

Energy saving tips that electricians recommend

Use energy efficient lights – did you know that lighting alone takes up 17% of the entire energy consumption in the United States? It’s a huge figure. However, energy consumption at home can significantly be lowered with the use of correct lighting. Old incandescent and fluorescent lamps eat up more electricity than newer LED lights. You can even go further and install LED lights that have motion sensors in them, allowing the lights to turn off when nobody is around and turn on when a person is nearby. This option is far more expensive, though. On the upside, using cheap LED lights can save you a lot of money per year.

Lowering heating costs – if you’re living in colder areas of the United States, you’ll likely be cranking up that heater when it gets too cold. However, there are ways to lighten the load on your electric heater. You can upgrade to more efficient models. Ask your local electrical contractor about it. Other than that, you can also improve your insulation and improve ventilation in your home for better efficiency.

Cutting cooling costs – it’s always a drag when the summer heat kicks in. The average homeowner just doesn’t have many options other than turning on the AC unit to keep cool. However, using an AC unit doesn’t always have to be hard on your electricity bill. You can do things like wearing lighter clothing, keep yourself hydrated, and eating food that helps cool the body.

Cut back on dryer usage – if you do a lot of laundry, you might want to cut back on using the dryer. If you live in an area with warmer climate, it’s better off to let your clothes air dry instead. Although, this may not be applicable in areas with a lot of rain.

Unplug those appliances – you might not notice it, but a lot of appliances still eat up electricity even when you power it off on the remote. Most of these appliances don’t really cut off the power in the system. Instead, they go on idle but still consumes electricity. If you can, unplug all your appliances when not in use. This way, you can save on electricity quite easily. You’re local electrical contractor Florence would know about this.

Go for a smart thermostat – older thermostat models need to be manually adjusted, which could lighten or increase the load on your HVAC system. This often leads to inefficiency. However, smart or learning thermostats offer a better approach. Instead, these thermostats learn your habits and adjust the temperature accordingly. Professional electrical contractors like Florence Electrician Pros install these all the time and know the efficiency they provide.

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Electricity Tips – Electric Units Homeowners Should Know

electrical-system-1-300x199.jpgWhen it comes to the energy that you use in your home, it all boils down to a few units of measurements. In a household, electricity is often measured in volts, watts, and amps. It’s important to understand the meaning of each and how they can be useful in our daily lives. The electrical system in your home is feeding off electricity from the grid at a certain rate. This is important because too much energy can fry all of your appliances. It is also essential to get to know the basics of how electricity works. Here’s a brief explanation of electric unit measurements and how it affects your life:

Electric terminology your electrician would normally use

You’ll often see a bunch of information on the labels of appliances and other electrical equipment. If you have no clue as to what the specifics indicate, you should continue reading on. Basically, appliances and all electrical equipment run on certain amounts of electricity. It’s important to know just how much since this will let you know which ones consume more power. Your electrician knows a lot about this and you should ask them whenever you have one around.

Here’s what volt, amp, and watt mean

A watt is basically the amount of energy that is either generated or consumed by electrical equipment. To get how many watts is either produce or spent, you need to multiply the voltage by amperage.

A volt, on the other hand, measures the potential energy between two points or voltage which is electrical pressure.

Meanwhile, an amp is how amperage is measured. This basically measures the rate at which electricity is flowing.

In general, appliances and lighting fixtures found in your home have a certain specification on how much energy they draw in to work. Knowing this information helps users understand what an energy efficient product is and what is not. Your appliances, for instance, consumes power in different amounts. Always ask your local electrician about the best brands and models to end up with the best in terms of performance and energy efficiency. Experts like Florence Electrician Pros will know just what to recommend.

How you can save electricity at home

  1. Buy energy efficient light bulbs – older incandescent light bulbs eat up more electricity than more modern LED light bulbs. When you compare LED and incandescent bulbs, the difference in terms of energy consumption is huge. For the same amount of illumination, LED light bulbs consume just one third to just a quarter of the energy a normal incandescent bulb would spend.
  1. Unplug all appliances when not in use – it’s a rule of thumb to disconnect any appliance that is not in use. Although it may not be turned on, it still consumes electricity in small amounts.
  1. Upgrade your appliances to newer, energy-efficient models – as the year goes by, more energy efficient models of your favorite appliances emerge. These models eat up less electricity with better performance than previous generations. Call your local electrician Florence for more information about the newest energy efficient technology available.
  1. Limit the use of high-consumption appliances – some appliances just require a lot of energy to function. Regardless of energy efficiency, there are appliances that have high wattage. You should reduce the use of these appliances should you wish to save on energy bills.

For more information on the installation of new appliances, call Florence Electrician Pros today!

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Florence Electrician On Whole House Surge Protection

Florence-Electrician-_SC-300x200.jpgYou probably first heard about whole house surge protection and its importance from your Florence electrician. This is because not a lot of homeowners know about this type of electrical protection and how it can actually protect them, their family and house. In this article, you will learn about whole house surge protection, its benefits and why you should invest in them.

How does it work?

A whole house surge protection works similar to a security guard. It allows only the electricity that is safe for your home to enter your electrical system and keeps over-voltages from entering. Because of this, your gadgets and devices are protected from being damaged by sudden surges of electricity from over-voltages that have accidentally entered your system.

If you are considering installing a whole-house surge protective device, have your Florence electrician to install it near your primary electric service box so that it will be able to protect all of your appliances and devices.

Why you should you install a whole house surge protection in your home

Experts strongly suggest installing a whole house surge protection in your home if you still do not have one. The primary reason for this is because an average house today uses several different electronic appliances in addition to the various devices and gadgets that they use for doing work and for entertainment. Indeed, a household today depends more on electricity than a household a couple of decades ago.

Gone are the days when a house can survive with only an HVAC and a washer. Today, a household uses a lot more electric-powered devices and gadgets such as a couple of TV’s, a wi-fi modem, water heater, swimming pool heater, automatic pool covers, and a couple of computers and laptops. The continuously increasing need for electricity is the primary reason why every household should have a whole house surge protective device. Keep in mind that the more you need electricity, it is more likely that over-voltage surges could enter your home through your service box. The only thing that could prevent these from entering, causing problems to your home and family, is a whole house surge protective device installed and wired into your primary electric service box.

In addition to the over-voltages that could potentially enter your home, a whole house surge protective device also protects your home from the dangers caused by mini-surges inside your home. Although these mini-surges do not directly cause problems to your electric system, they can wear out your devices over time, especially if these mini-surges happen frequently. What they do is that they cause the device or gadget to wear out and eventually perform less effectively. As a result, their lifespan reduces.

Why whole house protection?

The primary reason why a whole house surge protective device offers whole house protection is that your electrician will wire it into your service box. This way, it is able to protect the wiring throughout the house; thus, protecting every light switch and outlet including every appliance, device, and gadgets plugged into the outlet or connected to the light switch.

To know more about whole house surge protection, call Florence Electrician Pros.


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Electrical Safety – Upgrading Electrical Outlets

electrical-outlet-300x200.jpgWhenever you need to charge your phone, use your hair dryer, or just about any electrical appliance, you quickly turn to the nearest wall outlet. It’s a fact of modern day life that we just can’t ignore or live without. We all rely on electricity to go on with our daily lives but is there any thought given to the electrical components inside your home especially that electrical outlet you often use? Most of us don’t. This practice has got to end. Electrical outlets require upgrades from time to time. With constant use, they can wear out and can be potentially hazardous. It is best to know when and how you should upgrade your outlets.

When is the right time to upgrade electrical outlets?

When you spot something weird with your electrical outlet, you should dig a little deeper. Sometimes, these tiny details are signs that a problem is about to happen. Don’t wait until then. When you are experiencing the following issues, you should consider calling your electrical contractor and have it fixed:


  • If there isn’t enough three-pronged sockets or there are none at all
  • When you see sparks every time you plug in appliances
  • If there is smoke when in use
  • When you see discoloration on the outlet
  • When there are no GFCI outlets available in rooms where water is used
  • If the outlets get warm while in use
  • If the sockets won’t secure plugs properly
  • If there are frequently tripping circuits
  • If power is inconsistent or shuts off for no reason

Types of outlets you should upgrade to

GFCI outlets – GFCI outlets or ground fault circuit interrupters are outlets that protect against electrical shock. Instead of being continuously shocked when in contact with a live connection, the GFCU outlet cuts of the electrical connection to avoid further shock. You will still be shocked but only within a fraction of a second. Having GFCI outlets in your home will make it safer for homeowners with children.

AFCI outlets – AFCI or arc fault circuit interrupters are used to reduce the instances of fires caused by electrical arcs. AFCI outlets constantly monitor the circuit for possible electrical arcs to ensure that no electrical fires spring from the outlet while being used.

There are other outlets available that are used for special purposes. USB outlets, LED night light outlets, recessed outlets, pop-up outlets are only some of the other type of outlets being used in homes. If you wish to have these types of outlets installed in your home, call experts like Florence Electrician Pros for assistance.

How are electrical outlets upgraded?

There are various ways on how the electrical outlets in your home are upgraded. If you want to have yours upgraded, call your local electrical contractor Florence for more information. First of all, the power needs to be shut off through the electrical panel. Then, the cover plate for the old outlet is removed along with the screws and the wire connecting to the outlet is loosened and the new outlet is installed. The installation process may vary depending on the type of outlet since more complex outlets require an intricate process.

Call Florence Electrician Pros if you have any electrical-related issues.

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Signs That Indicate When To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

electrical-system-300x225.jpgIn a nutshell, your electrical panel is what serves as the heart of your house’s electrical system. It feeds electricity to all other circuits in your home what connects onto it. Overall, the electrical panel makes servicing easy and it protects your home from electrical problems. Most, if not all, homes have at least one installed. Through years of constant uptime, your electrical panel will require some maintenance or an upgrade. But how do you know when the time is right for an upgrade? What are the tell-tale signs that indicate an upgrade is due? Read on to find out.

Why do you need to upgrade your electrical panel?

Aside from feeding electricity into different parts of your home, the electrical panel also prevents damages due to electrical shorts, faulty wiring, overloads, and more. Once the system encounters a short or overload on a specific line, the breaker trips and cuts off connection to prevent serious issues. As the electrical panel ages, the chances of it malfunctioning grows more significant.

Defective wiring

One of the primary reasons in the United States is faulty wiring. The risk, however, is dependent on how old a house or building is. Most of the time, faulty wiring is a problem for older structures. A newer home is unlikely to have such issues, but there is still a possibility. One instance where faulty wiring could be found is when it was not properly installed. It is essential that the electrician who laid out the wiring for the building is knowledgeable and did the job well. Common indications of faulty wiring include, but are not limited by, sparks in power outlets, flickering lights, and burning smell when using appliances.

Older fuse panels

There are still homes that have fuse panels still in operation. Although fuse panels could still be a viable form of protection, they aren’t as safe as circuit breakers. If you find that some parts of your home still use fuse panels, have them replaced immediately. Contact your local electrical contractor like Florence Electrician Pros and have them upgraded.

Home remodeling

When you remodel your home, you’re bound to add in new lighting fixtures, appliances, and more. This means you need to upgrade your electrical panel to cater to these new changes. Again, the best thing that you could do is hire an electrician Florence.

Electrical system shows unusual behavior

When you notice minor changes on how your appliances work, have it checked out. When your electrical system is working as intended, there won’t be any noticeable issues. Always call your electrician right away if you find any problems with your electrical panel or anything electric in your home.

Never assume that everything is fine or that the problem would just go away. The reality is that electrical problems do exist and when they appear, you need to deal with them the right way. Never DIY anything that involves electrical panels and or any electrical concern, always have your local electrician fix it to contain the problem as early as possible.

For more information on electrical upgrades, call Florence Electrician Pros.

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How To Keep Your Electrical System Safe

electrician-300x198.jpgElectricity plays a crucial role in our daily lives however, we rarely think about how it works. Although we do not need to know every single detail about it, understanding the basics of electrical current can help you keep your home and your family safe. Contact your local electrician for help. Read on if you want to know more about direct and alternative current, how you use these kinds of current, and ways for you to keep your home’s electrical system and equipment working safely and properly.

Electricity Basics That Your Electrician Wants You To Know: What Is An Electrical Current?

Electrons that move through a conductive material like a metal wire. Electrical current comes in two types: direct and alternating.

Measurements of voltage and current will let you know the strength of the electrical current. It is measured in amps, which is the rate at which electricity is flowing. Volts indicate the electrical pressure or the voltage of the electricity. In case you have experienced how it feels to be shocked by an electrical outlet, then you have already felt the voltage.

Think about the last cell phone charger you bought. You may have noticed at least two slots that will accommodate the USB cable. Depending on the kind of charger that you have, one of these slots is most likely marked as 2.1 amps while the other one could be marked as 1 amp.

The first slot, the 2.1 amp slot gives electricity, which is referred to as the current at a much faster rate compared to the other slot that is marked as 1 amp. In case you are in a hurry to charge your cell phone, you can use the 2.1 amp slot.

Alternating Current

Alternative current changes polarity and also changes directions. This kind of current is responsible for providing electricity to our electrical outlets. The alternating current in the US alters directions at about 60 times per second. Meanwhile, the alternating current in Europe changes its direction only 50 times per second.

Alternating current is produced by power plants using a spinning electrical generator. The current will flow through the electrical power grid, wherein the voltage is increased so it could be transmitted easily over long distances and then slowly decreased before it reaches your house.

Most of the electrical outlets in your house have been rated 120 volts, which is less than the voltage that is used to transmit electricity over long distances, which typically range between 155,000 and 765,000 volts. Bigger appliances that need stronger current to work like refrigerators, stoves, and laundry machines should be plugged into 220-volt electrical outlets. Talk to your local electrical contractor for more information on appliances and their electrical requirements.

The conversion of direct current to different voltages is not easy. Electricity should run at a higher voltage so it could be transmitted over long distances. Transformers (usually recognized as large grey cylinders on top of power poles) are utilized to convert alternating current to lower or higher voltages as required.

Direct Current

Generally, we interact with direct current through the use of batteries. They provide electricity as direct current. Since it does not change voltage and direction, direct current can provide a steady electrical flow.

Direct current runs in only a single direction. If you put a battery in a flashlight, a chemical reaction takes places that let electrical energy to flow in just one direction between the battery’s negative and positive terminals. Although the flow of electricity is steady, direct current may still lose power through heat, which is not ideal for buildings and appliances. To know more about electrical appliances and what kind of currents they need, you may contact experts like Florence Electrician Pros.

Direct current is not used to power homes because the alternating current is easier to produce, transmit, and use compared to direct current. Apart from its convenience, there are several other practical reasons. The direct current’s voltage levels cannot be lowered or raised through a standard transformer, so when the US power grid operated on direct current, we require power stations each mile or so, which is an infrastructure nightmare.

Another reason that we do not depend primarily on direct current is that you need complicated motors, engines, and appliances in order to use the power created by direct current. Appliances and motors that utilize alternating current are simpler to produce and maintain. This has been how things worked since the power grid was used in the United States in the late 19th century.
Electrical Safety At Home

  • Water should be kept away from electrical equipment and outlets.
  • Never use damaged electrical cords.
  • Don’t use extension cords for long periods.
  • Choose the appropriate bulbs for all light fixtures.
  • Never overload electrical outlets.
  • Use space heaters correctly.
  • Make sure smoke alarms are fully functional.
  • Keep your kids away from electrical outlets.
  • Install tamper-resistant outlet receptacles if you have children at home.

Your local electrician Florence is the best source of information when it comes to electrical safety at home. You will find countless online resources as well to help you stay safe and to reduce the risks of electrical fires.

If you are searching for quality electrical repair solution in Florence, consider Florence Electrician Pros. They have a team of extremely qualified electrical contractors who can install as well as repair everything electric.

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Knowing What Instances That Call For An Emergency Electrician

emergency-electrician-300x200.jpgAll modern homes nowadays require electricity to function properly. From a humble light bulb to bigger appliances, they all need electricity to work. Although homes are set up and wired to work and last years, electrical problems arise from time to time. So what do you do when that happens and how do you identify an electrical emergency? In any case, an electrician must be called in to fix the problem. For more pressing electrical concerns, an emergency electrician would be better suited.

Here are electrical concerns Florence that call for the aid of an electrician

There are a lot of instances that require an electrician. Whether it’s in your kitchen or living room, electrical problems are the same. – They should be handled by licensed electricians. A lot of people don’t want to get themselves caught up in an electrical problem for obvious reasons. Although the average homeowner could resort to fixing minor electrical problems themselves, DIY isn’t always the solution. If you encounter problems with your electrical wiring in the middle of the night you just don’t grab a pair of pliers and start working your way into those wires. What you need is professional help like the services offered by the Florence Electrician Pros.

Without a clear picture of how electrical wiring and circuitry works, it will be nearly impossible to tell what is causing an electrical failure. If your mains box trips frequently, there must be something wrong. Unfortunately, novices will find it hard to address the situation. A professional electrician is necessary for such instances particularly when the situation arises in the middle of the night.

Older homes typically have more problems than newer ones. Electrical wirings in older ones often degrade over time, which means they are likely to have more problems than newer ones. If you find some burnt wires or smoke coming out of sockets when appliances are in use, it is good to call an emergency electrician Florence to ensure that everything is fixed appropriately.

If your home has recently been flooded or has had some water damage, you should consult your local electrical contractor for more information on how to address the matter. When electrical wiring and appliances come in contact with water or moisture, they have the tendency to malfunction. Such instances would also lead to more pressing situations like house fires and cases of electrocution.

The moment that you find electrical problems in your home, it is good practice to call in an electrical contractor. Don’t risk DIYing the problem just to save on cash. Aside from needing special permits and having the skills of a trained electrician, you also need to ensure that everything is working accordingly. The ideal thing to do would be to let an electrician check out the problem, have it fixed, and be done with it.

If you have any questions about electricians, call us today at Florence Electrician Pros and schedule a time for us to come do a safety inspection in your home. We would love to help!

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